An electric bike Christmas

christmas electric bike wrapped
Only problem is getting it down the chimney

Melanie Reid writes in today’s Times about how electric bikes are emerging as a favourite gift this Christmas.

“When things come in clusters, you know you have a trend on your hands. Randomly, at least three girlfriends have announced they want an electric bike for Christmas.”

She continues with a brisk summary of the benefits of electric bikes: how the rider feels younger, is transported back in time to the youthful joy of cycling, “the feeling of being nine years old again and everything works”.

That’s true, e-bikes are pure fun and very rewarding to ride for the sake of it. They’re also a gift that keeps on giving as they become part of your life and daily routine, giving you more options than driving, taking the bus or hopping on a train.It’s a very lucky person indeed who’s given an e-bike for Christmas, owning one is a shortcut to freedom, independence and long term wellbeing.

E-bike Christmas Gift Ideas

kalkhoff agattu premium 8
Kalkhoff Agattu Premium 8 with belt drive

We’ve seen a strong trend of electric bikes as Christmas presents over the past couple of years, perhaps helped along by a series of warmer winters.

So this  year, like last, we have prepared by stocking up on our two best-selling models, the Agattu Premium 8 and Pro Connect 9. We also have a supply of our top-of-the-range Integrale and Include models that should see us through.

Clearance electric bikes
Electric bikes on our Clearance page

If you’re looking for a bargain e-bike for Christmas we regularly add new stock to our Electric Bike Clearance section. These are end-of-line deals and refurbished ex-display electric bikes, with thousands of pounds off in some cases.

Interest-free finance is available on these and all our other bikes and the price always includes UK courier delivery (or you can collect or even ride away from one of our showrooms).

We’re pleased that the Times have picked up on the rising fortunes of electric bikes in the UK. It’s been a very good year in that respect, with several newspapers and TV shows covering electric bikes in one way or another. It’s a trend that is sure to continue in 2017 as the bikes get better and word spreads from the growing band of delighted, new-lease-on-life electric cyclists.

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