The Surprising Truth About Electric Bike Costs

Electric bike cost per entertainment hour is among the best of anything you can buy.

Electric Bike Cost

This morning I read an article by Rory Sutherland in the Spectator about how we justify the expense of buying expensive items. One of the best ways to avoid buyer’s regret (after spending three or four figures on something) is to weigh the expense against how often you get to enjoy the item you’ve bought.

The idea of cost per entertainment hour comes from computer gaming.  A game can cost around £50 but this is usually weighed against the hours of playing time the buyer expects to enjoy.

Other examples of expensive items that give back many hours of enjoyment are golf clubs, television sets and beds (on which you spend around a third of your life, one way or another).

Cars are one of the most expensive items you can own but it’s arguable how many hours of driving pleasure are enjoyed compared to the hours spent sitting in traffic or earning enough money to pay for the thing.

Necessity, not enjoyment, is the key factor for most car owners. In cycling nations like Denmark and the Netherlands, car ownership is much lower (around 500 cars per thousand people) than it is in the USA (over 800 cars per thousand people).

Electric bike cost per entertainment hour

So it made me think about where electric bikes rank in the cost per entertainment hour league table.

We know that many of our customers plan entire holidays around electric bicycle tours. They ‘ll spend hours every day for weeks cycling through beautiful countryside, drinking up the local scenery, culture, beer and wine.

Even if you haven’t time to go on a cycling tour, just taking your e-bike out for a couple of hours of carefree riding is a simple pleasure that most owners enjoy. It’s certainly one of my favourite ways to while away an afternoon. Time well spent, new places explored.

Those hours add up over the course of a year. For the most dedicated riders, they far exceed the time spent at home in front of the TV, reading a book or going to the cinema.

Electric bikes can also last a long time. Our recent trade-in scheme is seeing bikes returned to us that are up to ten years old but are still running beautifully, often on their original battery pack.

Many of these bikes have thousands of miles on the clock. It’s not uncommon for owners to hang on to a trusty e-bike for longer than they would drive a particular car. They also keep a good proportion of their value over time if you ever choose to sell or upgrade. This takes you into the realm of pennies for each mile and hour enjoyed.

It could be that electric bikes offer one of the lowest costs per hour of entertainment of anything you can buy.

We’ve certainly had many customers tell us that their electric bicycle is the best thing they’ve ever bought and that they wish they’d bought one years before.

So, when weighing up the admittedly high initial cost of buying an electric bicycle (compared to a pedal bicycle or no bicycle), be sure to weigh this against the many hours of enjoyment you can look forward to.

We can help guide you to the bike that will maximise your enjoyment. This depends on where you plan to ride it, how far you like to cycle and the level of comfort you expect along the way. Please contact us to book a test ride or discuss which e-bike is best for you.

Riding an electric bicycle brings other benefits that fall outside the narrow category of entertainment.

You’ll be getting some exercise and your vehicle doesn’t contribute to poor air quality or congestion. Recent research suggests that your overall mood improves and you could even add years to your life by heading off some of the effects of ageing. This is entertainment that is actively good for you and everybody else.

With that in mind, the incredibly low cost per entertainment hour of an electric bike reveals itself. This should be high in your priorities when deciding how much to invest in an e-bike from 50cycles.

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