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Bicycle and cycle insurance from Cycleguard

So you’ve just received your shiny, new electric bike… but before you give it a spin, have you considered getting it insured?

It’s no surprise that electric bikes are fast becoming one of the UK’s favourite modes of transport, but such popularity can also have a downside. With more e-bikes on British roads than ever before; the number of reported thefts is also on the rise and whilst bike theft is bad, e-bike theft is even worse.

Whilst we have a great selection of sold-secure locks and chains to choose from, sometimes that isn’t quite enough to keep thieves at bay. And that’s why we’ve been impressed with Cycleguard and the flexible e-bike cover they have to offer.

A basic policy will insure against accidental damage and theft for up to £12,500. From there, you can customise your policy to suit your needs. So whether that’s having peace of mind when motor-homing across Europe, or making sure your beloved e-bike is safe when being used by your friends or family back home; Cycleguard have thought of it all.

We’re especially taken with Cycleguard’s useful cycle rescue option that will provide support should you be unable to continue your bicycle journey due to theft, damage or a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Cycleguard will make sure that you are transported to either a cycle repair shop to get your bike fixed, or they can arrange a way of getting you home or to overnight accommodation if needs be.

Their easy-to-navigate website can be used by even the least tech savvy among us. A handy ‘instant quote’ form takes all the guesswork out of choosing which options are right for you, and you can quickly obtain a quote by entering the price of your bike along with your postcode. To top it off, Cycleguard offer different payment options to make their cover affordable for all. You can either opt to pay monthly via direct debit, or get the lowest rate by making a single annual payment.

You can check the website out by clicking here, or call 0333 004 3444 to speak to one of their friendly advisors.  And don’t forget to use our dealer promotion code – 201919 – when purchasing your insurance!





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