A customer asked me today if we can price match with another electric bike shop.

The answer is almost always yes. We do offer electric bike price matching, but with a couple of exceptions.

If another retailer is offering an unreasonably low price, we cannot reasonably match that. The retailer is most likely losing money on the deal and we're not interested in competing in that market.

Or, it could be that the bike on offer is not new. Perhaps they're trying to clear a bike returned by a customer? Maybe it's shop-soiled or an ex-demonstrator?

We are upfront about this and list all our ex-display electric bikes separately often with generous discounts on ultra low mileage, good-as-new bikes. We have electric bikes from Cube, Giant, Riese & Müller, Beatbike and electric mountain bikes from  Haibike.

Things to check

You should confirm that the discounted price includes a pre-delivery quality and safety inspection. Also check that there are no extra charges for set-up or delivery to your address.

The retailer may not be offering like-for-like. Two e-bikes can appear very similar (same brand, model name, colour) but there be different models. Year of production, battery capacity, gears and motor spec are things to look out for.

If you have a link to the bike on their website, or other proof (perhaps an email), great. We can check it out for you and confirm if it's a matching bike.

If it all checks out - they're offering the same bike for less and the price is sensible and genuine - we will price match.

With more than 15 years as the UK's leading electric bicycle specialist, we're certain that no-one can match our knowledge or customer service.

If you'd like to discuss this, you can contact us via the Live Chat service on our website, by requesting a Free Call Back or by calling us on 0333 900 5050.

PS we got the sale!