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Electric Bike Review have been busy looking at Kalkhoff and FOCUS electric bikes

Kalkhoff and Focus electric bikes have made their way over to the States in recent years and they’re being noticed by reviewers over there. Here is a collection of recent electric bike video reviews of 2015 Kalkhoff and FOCUS electric bikes from Electric Bike Reviews in the USA.

First up, one of FOCUS’s all-terrain electric mountain bikes, the hardtail Jarifa Impulse 27R 3.0

Next, Electric Bike Review look at the 2015 Sahel Compact electric bike. This is a model we’ve featured in our line-up for a couple of years but in 2015 it comes with the latest Impulse 2.0 motor and 15.5Ah battery. It’s semi-folding electric bike with rotating handlebars and foldaway pedals. It’s compact frame geometry and 20-inch wheels give it a shorter wheelbase than other Kalkhoffs, making it the perfect power-assisted steed for motorhome owners and city-dwellers with limited parking space.

The next review is of a very special electric mountain bike, the formidable FOCUS Thron Speed. It makes some concessions to use on the road, such as front and rear lights and roadworthy tyres. This full suspension all-terrain electric bike’s secret is that its 350 Watt Impulse 2.0 Speed motor assists the rider up to 28mph.

Finally, Electric Bike Review had to take a look at the Kalkhoff Agattu “Europe’s best-selling electric bike”. We’ve been selling variations on this model since 2007. It’s the best-selling premium electric bike in the UK, with several thousand on the road in Britain. It’s a superb all-rounder – comfortable, robust, well-equipped, reliable, powerful and offers enormous range thanks to its 36V 17Ah Lithium power pack.

The model reviewed here is the fairly standard Agattu Impulse 8 HS which is very similar to our current Tasman Impulse 8 HS. This season, we’re offering the Agattu Premium Impulse 8, Agattu Premium Impulse 11 (both with Gates Carbon belt drives rather than traditional chains), as well as the Agattu Premium Harmony with NuVinci’s Harmony i360 continuously variable automatic transmission and Impulse Ergo XXL which also has Harmony i360 and heart monitoring functions, as well as a reinforced frame that carries riders up to 27 stone in weight.

So, strictly speaking different models to the Agattu reviewed here, but observations about its build quality, comfort and performance still apply.

As well as video reviews our website also features scores of reviews from Kalkhoff and FOCUS electric bike owners. We offer free test rides at our electric bike shop locations and free delivery to all UK mainland addresses, as well as interest-free finance (typical 0% APR) and industry-leading after sales support.