Electric Bikes Brighton: they are taking over in Brighton & Hove

E-bikes spotted here, there and everywhere in Brighton and on the South Coast
Electric Bikes Brighton: they are taking over in Brighton & Hove 1I’ve been riding to
our e-bike shop in Shoreham-by-Sea every day this week and something has changed. Electric bikes are suddenly everywhere in Brighton. Every third or fourth cyclist I encounter along my 12-mile journey is riding an electric bike these days.

Today alone I saw an Ancheer electric bike, a couple of Raleighs and a couple of Haibike, a Batribike, a Carrera, a couple of Kalkhoffs, something that looked a kit-built ebike and a no-name folding electric locked up by the Palace Pier. These were some of the e-bikes I spotted on the cycle path between the Marina and Hove Lagoon, there may have been more I missed.

It’s not just the sunshine either. Today was glorious but even on duller days I see at least half a dozen e-bikes.

Now we have some way to go until we reach the levels of e-bike popularity found almost anywhere in Europe, but on the South Coast, at least, electric bikes are quickly becoming authentically commonplace. 50cycles has done its bit of course, several of today’s bikes were supplied by us, and we have a great range of Cube, Kalkhoff, Scott, Riese & Muller, Orbea and Tern electric bikes to suit any need.

We offer free test rides from our Shoreham-by-Sea showroom near Brighton. Come and visit, take one for a spin and understand why e-bikes are becoming the in thing on the South Coast.

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