Electric bikes for Deliveroo riders

Electric bikes have the power to make a real difference for the nation’s delivery riders. We caught up with a very busy Deliveroo rider recently to see how it’s helped. He’s now making more money than ever because he’s able to deliver more orders, more quickly without wearing himself out on his shift.

Pick the right e-bike for deliveries

Not all e-bikes are up to the job though. A very large battery capacity is essential to keep going through the day and night. Riders also require strong assistance that can take on steep hills, heavy loads and stiff headwinds. The bike also needs to be tough enough to carry extra weight and dependable because the rider’s livelihood depends on it working well.

We’ve trawled Deliveroo rider forums and it sounds like it can be a tough job most of the time. They’re against the clock, they have to deliver whatever the weather conditions and pedalling uphills and stopping and starting at crossings and junctions really takes it out of them. Riding an electric bike on a shift has the potential to iron out these problems and make it a fun and profitable job.

E-Bikes help you make money, save your time & energy

Yes, the initial outlay on an electric bike is significant, but the gains soon outweigh the cost for riders who are smart enough to invest in one.

Jimmy, our Youtube star, rides a BESV TRB1  e-bike which he’s found to be ideal for the job – it’s fast, robust and comes with the largest single-battery capacity of any bike we’ve ever stocked, at 756Wh. Which means mileages well into the 50-mile range. That should cover even the busiest of shifts, whatever the terrain.

We have other bikes that are good for this work but none quite matches the TRB1 for power, speed, strength and stealthiness. Well-equipped too with decent front and rear lights, air-sprung forks, a luggage rack and fat tyres.

We only have a very limited number available between now and Spring 2019 and we can offer all Uber Eats, Deliveroo riders, etc £1,000 off the RRP £3995 – we want these bikes out on the road, making you money and earning good reviews.

Call Mark on 01509 278393, contact us online or request a free callback to learn more about this game-changing e-bike today.

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