50cycles electric bikes
A lot of bikes are sold in the Netherlands, millions of them every year, so the news from Bike Europe that one in every eight bikes sold there is now electric is big news indeed. Electric bike sales have nearly quadrupled from 40,000 in 2006 to 153,000 in 2009

On a visit to the Netherlands, back in February 2005, we were unable to find any electric bikes in stores at all. We asked the proprietor of one electric bicycle shop in Amsterdam if he had considered stocking any and he was very dismissive, saying they were far too unreliable and there was no market for them.

Times have changed. And bike shop owners are finding that fully one third of their turnover is coming from the eighth bike that is electric. Electric bicycles have become so popular in the Netherlands because the latest models bring what every European cyclist expects from a bicycle - reliability, build quality, good equipment and a smart appearance. A world away from most Chinese electric bikes, machines from Kalkhoff, Gazelle, Sparta, etc, have made electric cycling not only acceptable buy highly desirable. So much so that cyclists are willing to pay up to the €2000 level to own a quality electric bike

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