Electric bikes: THE catalyst for making the UK a better place to live

I had a realisation the other day, while riding my Winora Yakun e-bike along the coast to Brighton and back.

Electric bikes: THE catalyst for making the UK a better place to live 1Electric bikes make things happen more quickly. I can fit more things into a day when I’m on my electric bike. But hold on, isn’t that what cars are supposed to be good at? Sort of, but every time I get in a car to go somewhere I’m sealing myself up in a metal box (an unbearably hot metal box at this time of year), wait in queues of traffic, hoping I’ll find somewhere to park.

And the amount of energy needed to shift that big, hot, noisy metal box for mile after mile is enormous! There are costs, your convenience is paid for. Your wallet takes a hit, the atmosphere takes a hit and you’re adding to congestion and noise every inch of the way.

Turns out there’s a better way to do this, to get around. Walking isn’t really practical for most people beyond a mile or two. Cycling is better, but not everyone is able to because of local hills or their own fitness. Public transport relies on the same roads as everyone else and has its own costs and drawbacks.

But electric cycling… electric cycling hits the sweet spot.

Anyone who can ride a pedal cycle can ride an electric bicycle. Some people who cannot ride a pedal cycle are able to use an electric bicycle. Electric bicycles are faster over most distances than walking and cycling. Often faster than cars and public transport. Electric bikes open up routes that other vehicles cannot reach.

So, in my mind, electric bikes are one of the most potent catalysts for human activity ever invented

A catalyst is simply a substance that kicks off or speeds up a process. The enzymes in yeast turn sugar into alcohol or make bread rise. Millions of enzymes in your body make sure you stay alive by taking raw materials and turning them into something useful. Without them, biological activity would grind to a halt. Much like the traffic in any big city at rush hour.

It’s the same in industry – all sorts of catalysts are used to make medicines and other chemicals. They break down harmful fumes into less noxious gases. Even striking a match depends on a catalyst to make fuel and air react and burn. They’re everywhere and doing everything.

Electric bikes are the same – they’ll carry anyone anywhere and do it more quickly, with less effort. They’re a solution to almost any getting-from-A-to-B problem.

Electric bike owners get more done, in less time. You can pack three or four errands into an afternoon – ride to the post office, the café, the school and the shops on the way home – rather than one. You can see more places when riding for fun and get home in time for tea. You can carry two pannierfuls of shopping home with a smile on your face, rather than huffing and puffing up a hill as your shopping bag handles cut off the circulation to your blueing fingers.

Riding an electric bike you make the most of your day with least waste of time, energy, effort or shoe leather. Imagine where the nation would be if millions more of us rode electric bikes. We’d be much happier and healthier. We’d all do more with less fuss or stress.  All those volts, watts, spinning wheels, smiles and all that wind in our hair would make Britain a more energised society.

I know this because it’s how I live

If I need to get somewhere quickly, riding my electric bike is always the best way to do it. If it’s windy, I barely notice. If it’s raining, I put on waterproofs and shrug it off. If the sun is shining, the constant 15mph breeze is refreshing.

If you haven’t yet discovered the modern miracle of electric bikes I strongly urge you take a free test ride from one of our shops. It only takes a minute to realise the life-changing power of one of these bikes and that spins out into years of daily enjoyment, adventure and, of course, unbeatable efficiency. That’s why we say 50cycles has the power to make cycling make sense.


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