This is the Focus Thron electric mountain bike. What better way to demonstrate what their new electric mountain bike, the Thron, can do than letting this chap thrash it around and kick up pine needles in the local woods?

Focus Thron electric mountain bikeThe Thron doesn't compromise in any way - the biggest battery, the most power, best tyres and suspension, awesome brakes and monstrous performance. It's the ultimate electric off-roader and recently thrashed the competition - Haibike, KTM, etc, etc - in ExtraEnergy's prestigious electric bike group test.

It's based around the best electric bike production motor and battery combination of all - Impulse 2.0.

The motor develops up to a massive 70Nm torque and comes with either a 250 Watt or 350 Watt centre motor. Something with this amount of power needs a serious battery and it comes with one in the shape of 36 volt 17Ah Lithium tri-metal pack that weighs in at less than 3kg. It's centrally placed for maximum stability. The motor has been inverted and tucked inside the frame to protect it from rocky terrain and muddy conditions.

It is, of course, incredibly thrilling to ride, as the video shows.

Check out all three models in the Thron range

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