Embargo! The E-Bikes we’re forbidden to talk about (for now!)

A strict embargo means there are some E-Bikes we’re forbidden from talking about (for now!). Sign up to be first to hear when the embargo is lifted.

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Embargo! The E-Bikes we're forbidden to talk about (for now!) 1
Sorry, this is all we can show you for now – but we can tell you it’s fast, quiet and comes with Shimano’s 11-speed Alfine hub gears and Gates belt drive.

New electric bike embargo

We’ll shortly be revealing a new class of ebikes, but we can’t tell much about them yet because of a strict embargo.

They’ll compare very well to similar models from other brands and they’ll cause a stir in the e-bike market. But we can’t tell you why.

They’ll use an all-new motor and battery combination. But we can’t tell you any more about that, not until the embargo is lifted later this month.

We can’t even tell you how fast they’ll go, how quiet the motor is or how friction-free it will be to ride (surprisingly so). There are some clues in this image.

We can however leak a couple of details –  the energy density of the battery is an incredible 234Wh/kg.

(That’s quite  a bit better than any other battery we’ve offered. For example, the new Bosch Powertube 650 has an energy density of only around 180Wh/kg)

The battery pack is also specially designed to dissipate heat more efficiently through the frame, which will extend its lifetime.

One of the models, shown pixellated above, will come with an 11-speed Alfine hub and Gates belt drive. History has shown that this is a winning combination, so we expect this to be one of our bestsellers from now on.

We can also say when they’ll become available, which is from the end of September 2019.

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