There are billions of unwritten rules in the book of cycling etiquette. From looking the part to the rules of the road, as a cyclist following these rules is vital if you want to belong to the community. Which is why we thought it might be fun to take a tongue-in-cheek look at how to look good when riding your bike, no matter what kind of cyclist you are.

The Professional

If you’re a pro, you’ve probably already nailed these key rules on the head, but it can’t hurt for a little refresher course in looking cool:


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Wearing dark glasses allows you to conceal the fear in your eyes as you zip down the Matterhorn at unnatural speeds. Wide-eyed terror isn’t cool, shades are; fact.

No matter how hot it gets, you must never, ever, wear a sleeveless jersey. Tan lines are the proud, and hard-earned, mark of a real cyclist.

Whilst we’re on the topic of clothing you need to make sure every item of clothing matches. This means your jersey must match your shorts which also must match your socks and your helmet. For uber coolness wear the kit of an obscure European team so you can feel superior to all of those around you.

Other essential kit includes an iPod. Obviously you have the earbuds in your ears, but in reality, you’re listening to nothing (for safety) whilst discouraging other cyclists from talking to you. You’re too cool for chit-chat.

The Commuter

Whether you’re doing it to save money, the environment, or avoid the traffic, commuter cyclists can be spotted from a mile off. Make sure you blend in by following these rules:


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Always ride your bike fully suited and booted. Getting changed in the office means being naked in the office; not cool, commuter dude, not cool.

As you whizz past the stationary cars and flustered pedestrians, ensure that you wear a look of satisfaction, you are moving faster than them after all! However, when you’re away from prying eyes, get your pedal on – you’re going to be late…

When it comes to headwear, make sure you’ve chosen the biggest, most brightly coloured one available. You can be spotted for miles, it adds a pop of colour to your corporate attire, and it makes you look cool. Right?

A folding bike is a must have. If it doesn't fit in the boot of your car, and you can’t carry it in the lift using one hand, it’s not suitable.

The Basket Shopper

Chic is your middle name. Forget about cycling for fitness, you cycle because a vintage bike is the ultimate fashion accessory:


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Never, never, never leave your home without your sunglasses; the bigger the better!

Loop your handbag over the handlebars of your bike. Forget about rumpling the leather by jamming it in your basket. Should anyone get in your way, you’ll also find that your bag doubles as a handy weapon for bashing passers-by out of the way.

Your bike is adorned with a seriously stylish wicker basket. You should, however, only keep small dogs and baguettes in said basket for the ultimate Parisian chic.

Wearing anything other than heels is a crime against fashion. If any of your pack caught you in flats you may as well hand your sunglasses in and retire your bike.

The Tourist

Saddle up! There’s only one way to see the sights, and that’s by pedal power. If you’re going to be a cycle tourist, just make sure you adhere to the rules:


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Just as the pros have their fancy colour co-ordinated helmets, as a tourist the rental helmet is a rite of passage. Wear it with pride!

Comfort is paramount when identifying yourself as a tourist. Grab your I Heart [Insert City Here] shirt, pull on those khaki shorts (the more pockets the better) and don the sock/sandal combo – you’re now ready to roll!

P.S. Don’t forget your camera. If possible, strap it to your rental helmet for the ultimate video to show your family upon your return.