Haibike Flyon delivery delay disappoints customers

Has the Haibike Flyon delivery delay affected you?

We heard on the dealer grapevine that there is a problem with Haibike Flyon models reaching dealers in time.

We don’t know the full details, but it seems dealers are being informed that certain Flyon models will not be shipped until OCTOBER, a time when the cycling season traditionally draws to a close.

It’s also when NEXT SEASON’S models start to appear.

Imagine taking delivery of your bike just as next year’s version makes its debut.

It puts dealers in a difficult position. They want to get your bike to you as soon as possible, but they know there’s a limit to what they can do if they’re simply not available.

Delivery delays are common in the e-bike industry

We’ve had this problem in the past with long delays from manufacturers. Last year’s Cube Elly step-thru models were delayed by months because of a problem with the paint supply. Kalkhoff, Riese & Müller and many others have seen production times slip by several months in our experience.

Electric bikes are relatively complex machines. A lot of components need to be tested, approved, shipped and then combined.

Motors, batteries, frames, wheels, gears, paint all come from different sources and one glitch can set the whole process back by weeks and months.

But a delay that takes delivery up to the last quarter of the year is unprecedented.

In this situation, a dealer is likely to recommend a different bike. If that’s not acceptable (and it rarely is if you have your heart set on the model you ordered), you’re likely to cancel your order and ask for a refund, to spend elsewhere on an e-bike that has some prospect of imminent delivery.

Understandably, some customers are now fed up of waiting and are indeed looking for alternatives.

And that’s what we’re now seeing, an increasing volume of enquiries from those who’ve ordered a Flyon. As the pages on the calendar grow thinner and still no Haibike, they’re starting to look around at what else is on the market.

Is it really worth waiting for Flyon?

Haibike Flyon Delivery Delay

The Flyon system looks great on paper, but is there anything that’s in the same league that is available now? What is a suitable replacement?

We were thrilled to learn about the Flyon system ourselves when it was first revealed. It looked different, with a distinctive radial appearance.

It offered a class-leading amount of power and the battery size was an improvement on the 500Wh packs offered by Haibike’s Yamaha and Bosch offerings.

But our heads were turned by two things this year that changed our view of the Flyon bikes.

Haibike Flyons are not the only great e-bikes to debut in 2019

First of all was a crucial electric mountain bike motor group test. The winner was surprising because it wasn’t the TQ motor that powers Haibike Flyon bikes. The winner was the Brose Drive S Mag.

Second, we had just been appointed UK distributor for the BH range of electric bikes, some of which were built around the group test winning Brose motor.

Haibike Flyon delivery delay disappoints customers 1

So if you’re looking for something with a similar spec (actually better in several respects), something like the BH CARBON ATOM-X LYNX 5.5 27’5 PLUS PRO EAGLE (£6395) is a worthy replacement.

  • Greater battery capacity (700Wh or 720Wh BH vs 630Wh Haibike Flyon)
  • Brose Drive S series motors that have the edge over the Flyon HPR120S in terms of natural ride feel, integration, weight and how quiet it is
  • Keener pricing – top of the range Haibike xDuro AllMtn 10.0 FLYON 2019 is £7,999 while BH CARBON ATOM-X LYNX 6 27’5 PLUS PRO EAGLE-SE is £6895Prices for Carbon  models starting at £4595 and £3695 for the alloy-framed BH AtomX Cross Pro
  • Immediate availability

They’re similar in specification to the Specialized Levo e-MTBs (which also use a modified version of the Brose Drive S) that have become very popular but are relatively expensive (around £10,000 for their top model).

If you’re having difficulty getting hold of a 2019 Flyon, contact us to discuss owning a BH AtomX instead.

Use our Chat with us service, online contact form or call us on 0333 900 5050.

We also accept trade-ins on all 2019 BH electric bike models, so if you have an e-bike or even a very interesting non-electric bike that needs to go to make room, complete our Trade-in Enquiry form.

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