Riding an e-bike makes life betterIt's my favourite time of year so I decided to ride my e-bike every single day this past week to make the most of early Autumn.

I realise now I need to keep this up. Why? Because it's rewarding in so many ways.

Running this business, I spend a lot of time sitting down at a desk, like I am doing now typing this email to you.

But when it's finished and sent, I'll wheel out The Beast (that's what I call my e-bike this week) and set off over the hills to collect my son from school.

We'd fallen into the habit of driving there and back over the first few weeks of term. A bad habit that takes more time, costs more in fuel and clogs up the road through the village. But cycling there and back is a different world.

We take a quiet route through wooded lanes, past dog-walkers and runners. We're rewarded halfway with a view out to the English Channel and all the way to the horizon. Then we hurtle down the hill to his school gates. It's an invigorating start to the day.

Certainly beats queuing in traffic with only the back end of a bus to admire.

A couple of days ago my son was a bit grumpy over his homework and how it was eating into his valuable Fortnite-playing time. I cajoled him into coming for a ride, to cheer him up. Ten minutes later we were watching the sun go down in a cloudless sky. Then we rode home via Tesco for milk and on through the track through the woods. It was a mini, impromptu adventure out of nowhere. He came back happy and ready for bed.

Is it just me, or does cycling make everything better? Take going to the gym.

Mine is about 5 miles away along the seafront. Again, I'd fallen into the habit of driving and plugging in my car to charge at the other end (it's one of those Mitsubishi hybrids). The way I do the gym I'm in and out in 15 minutes flat. The car picks up barely any charge in that time. It's a massive waste of time and energy.

But when I cycle there I arrive warmed up. I don't have to worry about whether the car charging space is free and I usually spend an extra 10 minutes in the gym because I feel up to it. The ride back is very pleasant as an electric bike takes most of the strain off my tired limbs. No downside.

Then there were the half dozen times I whizzed off to the shop for food or wine. I was there and back in a matter of minutes, with a boost in my spirits that comes from sudden exercise.

There's a theme here. Using my electric bike on every journey leaves me feeling invigorated not dulled. It's a reward in itself to leave the car on the drive. I might get rid of it entirely.

And I get to see things I'd otherwise miss - spectacular sunsets, scurrying wild animals, hovering kestrels. I go out for rides more often. In fact I find excuses to ride.

I can guarantee you that if you get an electric bike in your life, like the tens of thousands of others we've supplied over the past 15 years, you will see and experience in the world in a whole new, better light.

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Right, time's up. I have to get on The Beast and head over the hills in the sunshine as it's nearly home time at my son's school.

You won't really understand the power e-bikes have to make everything better until you use one every day, but that's what you'll want to do. That feeling hasn't worn off for me in over 15 years.

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