New Interest-Free Electric Bike Finance & Calculator

The 50cycles website has evolved continuously throughout this year but one of the most important changes has been the upgrading of our interest-free electric bike finance options. Four great new things have happened.

1. Interest-free electric bike finance up to 18-months

interest-free electric bike financePreviously the maximum term of our interest-free finance was 12 months, but we’ve now extended this up to 18 months, with additional 6, 9, and 10 month options, as well as the original 12. This greatly reduces the monthly cost for those customers wishing to spread over the full 18-month period.

2. Smart Finance Calculator

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Our new interest-free finance calculator

We’ve built an interactive finance calculator into every product page, just below the add to basket button. When you click on the link a window appears where you can play with finance period and deposit amounts to home in on the right arrangement for you.

In addition, our more detailed interest-free finance information page includes a variation of the finance calculator that covers all the eligible Kalkhoff and FOCUS electric bikes we offer.

It makes it really quick and easy to see the difference in costs between models, as well what happens when you vary the loan term and deposit amounts.

3. Minimum deposit now only 10% up to 12 months

We asked for a minimum 20% deposit on our finance options. We’ve now halved this to 10% for the 6, 9, 10 and 12 month options. However, please note we still ask for a 20% deposit on the 18-month option.

The new system means that you can select any deposit from 10% up to a maximum of 65% before proceeding to payment. We thought it best to be as flexible as possible.

4. Complete your finance entirely online

When we upgraded earlier this year we had to think again about how to link deposit payments with finance applications. It took some time but now we’ve cracked it. You can now choose your favourite bike, pay a deposit amount of your choosing with a credit or debit card and apply for finance all in one go. There’s no need to wait for an email from us to proceed with your application.

The application itself, completed on Hitachi Finance’s own secure online system, is really quick and easy. You’ll be asked for your name and address, income, employment and banking details. The decision is usually instant and you may not have to sign and return any paperwork. It’s often possible to complete the whole process electronically in less than 10 minutes.

We know buying one of the best electric bikes available doesn’t come cheap but we hope that these improvements in our finance offering – longer terms, a handy calculator, smaller deposits and a faster application process will help you choose a Kalkhoff or FOCUS.

Many customers have told us that their electric bike is the best investment they’ve ever made. These changes will mean that remains true, only more so. 

Our finance scheme is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Typical 0% APR (fixed).




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