Kalkhoff “Our best electric bike of all time” video

Kalkhoff have just released another English language video highlighting the benefits of the new Impulse 2.0 electric bike system that powers most of our range this year. It reveals how the nifty new Shift Assist system works, offers a glimpse inside Kalkhoff’s testing labs and shows a pair of 2014 e-bikes cruising through stunning scenery.

There is a related video featuring Karl-Heinz Lange, Kalkhoff’s Director of Research & Design, which goes into a little more technical detail about how the new system was developed.

Both videos refer to a back pedal braking function. You can safely ignore this! It’s mainly for German customers who’d been denied a combination of centre motor and pedal-operated braking until Impulse came along.

If you’ve ever hired a bike in Europe, you might have been taken by surprise when you grind to a halt when idly back pedalling. We don’t import the back-pedal braking models, but this feature was something of a breakthrough in the German and Dutch markets.

You can read more about the Impulse 2.0 system on our website. Our 2014 Agattu, Pro Connect, Sahel, Tasman and Endeavour electric bikes all make great use of this system. It’s proving a hit, picking up awards and top-rated reviews all over Europe, including in the UK.

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