Kalkhoff emerges as European electric bike market leader

Kalkhoff bikes have a deserved reputation for performance, reliability and innovation and they’ve picked up many awards this year from organisations like ExtraEnergy (the Impulse Ergo and Pro Connect Xion were both category winners along with the sold-out Sahel Compact), as well as magazines like ElektroRad in Germany and the Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide here in the UK.

Kalkhoff Triple test-winner in 2013 & 2014 - Sahel Compact i8 Urban category, Pro Connect X27 Comfort category & Impulse Ergo Reha category
Kalkhoff Triple test-winner in 2013 & 2014 – Sahel Compact i8 Urban category, Pro Connect X27 Comfort category & Impulse Ergo Reha category

When we launched the Kalkhoff Agattu and Pro Connect electric bikes in 2007 they transformed the British e-bike landscape forever. Until then, most ebikes had been imported from the Far East (many still are, it’s worth asking!), fundamentally unreliable and ill-suited for British riders and conditions. The levels of quality, performance and reliability Kalkhoff offered were a huge step forward. Years later, they’re still leading the way in innovation, equipment levels, comfort and range.

“Pure exhilaration”

Getting good independent reviews and awards is great, but most satisfying are the glowing reports from people who’ve paid good money to own one. Here are a few gold-plated customer reviews ones from recent weeks:

Kalkhoff Endeavour BS10
fast, light, well-equipped with latest Bosch motor & battery  Kalkhoff emerges as European electric bike market leader 1

“The very best electric bike. I have had my 2013 Kalkhoff Endeavour BS10 400Wh now for a couple of months and this bike is fantastic. I ride it daily 10 miles round trip to my office. A huge upgrade from my rear hub motor 48V 350 watt bike I have been riding for 2 years. The manufacture build quality is excellent. Did I say it is fast? This bike will get you there quickly. Amazing the only word to describe it. Buy one and you won’t be disappointed”

Kalkhoff Impulse Ergo
the ultimate comfort electric bike with automatic gears

“Pure exhilaration. I’m absolutely delighted, this bike is life-changing. The comfort and feel good factor our on the open road with this bike are immeasurable. The Kalkhoff quality is everything I’d been led to expect by other reviewers and much more besides. I’m especially pleased with the Ergo’s NuVinci drivetrain, and the heart monitoring chest belt works extraordinarily well. And so, only days after collecting the Ergo, we’ve just placed a second order, for the Agattu i8.”

“The ERGO setting (aka ‘warp drive’) is amazing! I just watch the pulse rate figure and climb hills like Froome!”

Kalkhoff Agattu i8
the latest Agattu with more power and enormous range of up to 125 miles

“The highest praise I can give it is that it has given me back the joy of cycling that I used to feel as a young person. I fear hills no more and can cover huge distances without thinking about it. I even popped out for a 10 mile spin after tea last week just to get an ice cream. I’m approaching 50, 16 stone and not very fit at all but the bike makes me feel great”

“We bought this as our first electric bike soon to be followed by a Pro Connect and it has revolutionised our travel habits. Car use has dropped dramatically – no problem lugging 15-20kg of shopping in hilly Malvern and we can ride to friends without arriving hot and sticky. This is the future for urban travel.”

Kalkhoff Pro Connect Xion
multi award-winning silent e-bike with regeneration

“This is one beautiful machine. We bought it for my wife who loves cycling but found it too strenuous. Now we can cycle everywhere together – I ride a non-assisted Thorn Mercury and this has opened up a whole new chapter in our lives. The bike’s hill-climbing capacity is stupendous. I took it on a test ride and got up to the highest point of the Malvern Hills. Were looking forward to a tour of the Loire Valley next Spring.”
Michael in Malvern

“The engineering and finish are a work of art and in the end I just couldn’t wait any longer, hopped on the bike and away. I just could not believe this bike. IT IS SIMPLY FANTASTIC. I raced bikes over 50 years ago and now well into my 70s. There is a big smile on my face when I get back home after a ride. I love it. Thanks Tim and everyone at 50 cycles. Don’t think about it. Buy one” Brian in Dorset

So why buy a Kalkhoff?

Kalkhoff bikes are universally acknowledged to be the best on the market in terms of features, comfort, range, riding experience and reliability. In their 2013 e-bike test, ADAC (the German equivalent to the AA) and Stiftung Warungtest (the German equivalent to Which?) found that Kalkhoff’s Impulse system outperformed all others in the test. Their 6-level rating system placed it ahead of all three Bosch powered electric bikes in the test (a best-in-test 1.9 compared to an average 2.2 for the Bosch system). They also rated the Kalkhoff bike as having the best brakes, handling and  greatest range of the 16 bikes tested.

Read more about Impulse 2.0 and Bosch vs Impulse 2.0

They’re also unbeatable value. There are simply no other bikes with these specifications giving this performance at these prices – the nearest equivalents cost at least £200 or £300 more and always with less range and power on the hills. Because we sell direct to customers the best electric bikes on the market are also the best priced, even before you think about our 0% Finance options.

We’ve been selling the UK’s most advanced electric bikes for over a decade now. There’s a simple formula behind our success: best bikes, best service and best prices.

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