Kalkhoff are rightly proud of their new Impulse 2.0 electric bike system. Karl-Heinz Lange of Kalkhoff explains the development process and benefits the new system brings in this new video.

impulse 2.0The Impulse 2.0 motor and battery are at the heart of our 2014 Kalkhoff electric bike range, with models like the Pro Connect Alfine, Agattu, Sahel Compact, Tasman range and the Endeavour Speed pedelecs all featuring versions of it. It compares very favourably against systems like the Bosch Performance Line with greater torque, range and more advanced riding features.

As well as the 'under-the-bonnet' technical things, Impulse 2.0 gives our electric bikes unbeatable riding characteristics - plenty of hill-climbing oomph, clear and easy to use controls, responsive performance and a very natural cycling action. Novice riders as well as experienced cyclists find it brings a very welcome new dimension to cycling.

Read more about Impulse 2.0, including how it compares to the Bosch electric bike system (it wins on power, range, weight, innovation and battery life).

Kalkhoff's Impulse 2.0 bikes are now available to see and test ride in our Loughborough, Hampton Wick and Shoreham by Sea showrooms now.

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