Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.08.04ExtraEnergy have announced this year's E-Bike Test awards and the Integrale 10 came out as winner in the highly-competitive Easy Pedelec Category.

Kalkhoff Integrale 10 ExtraEnergy Gold Winner

Summary Integration is the name of the game for this top model in the hard-fought Easy Pedelec category. Congratulations

Even at first glance it's clear the Integrale has an exceptionally tidy appearnace. All cables are routed inside the stem right at the handlebar and the stem then blends seamlessly into the the stable diamond frame.

Battery compartment, downtube and motor mount are all a single unified whole. The carrier rack, with integrated rear light, looks like just part of the frame. All in all the Integrale more than justifies its name - there isn't a single item on the bike which looks out of place. And to top that, this easy pedelec category test winner also delivers a flawless ride - the first impression is of powerful, well-modulated assistance from the Impulse Evo motor.

The range is toward the top of the field to thanks to the 600 Watt hour battery. And there are no weak points elsewhere. Quite the opposite: the remarkably bright headlight, the rear stand, balloon tyres, lock-out suspension fork and powerful disc brakes are all of the standard you'd expect to match the flawless looks of the Kalkhoff Integrale.

Key points
+ high range over Tour/City courses
+ high power assist
+ start and push assist
+ remaining range display

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