Must-Have Bike Gadgets

As cyclists, once we’ve kitted ourselves out with the essentials (the helmet, the repair kit, the clobber, and of course the bike itself) there is often the question lingering at the back of our minds; “What else is there to spend my hard earned money on?” Well you could always invest it, save up for a holiday or buy a new TV, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, why not indulge your passion and consider any one of the innovative and exciting bike gadgets listed below? Here we’ve collated some of our favourite accessories, tools and quirky accruements, any of which should have the modern, gadget loving cyclist frothing at the gills.

The Interlock

Bike locks are necessary tools for any serious cyclist, but they can also be cumbersome, heavy and awkward to carry around. The Interlock strives to complete circumvent this problem with their unique design, which allows the lock to coil up inside the frame of your bike when you’re not using it. No longer will you need to leave your bike lock dangling awkwardly from your frame or weighing down your backpack!

Reflective Gloves and Socks

OK then, this might seem a little ‘low-tech’ and admittedly they are hardly the most fashionable garments in the world, but then we cyclists are all about function over fashion right? If you ride at night (for business or pleasure) you want to remain as visible to other road users as possible, and these reflective gloves and socks not only shine brightly and clearly, but can be used as turn signals thanks to the arrows sewn into the backs of the gloves.

Helios Bars

As we’ve already established, visibility is incredibly important for all cyclists who ride at night, and these handlebars are equipped with a built-in LED headlight and blinkers, which are far more effective than conventional reflectors or reflective clobber. The lights can also be linked to your smart phone and can be used to track your speed using its GPS.

Bedrock Handlebar Bag

This no fuss bag can carry pretty much everything you’ll need on a cycling adventure and attaches simply and effectively to your handlebars. Not the most exciting gadget surely, but surely one of the most useful.


Whilst there are many apps on both the App Store (for iOS devices) and Google Play Store (for Android devices) that can track fitness progress (from calorie counting to jogging routes), but Strava is one of the few apps specifically designed to track everything about your ride. Using this completely free app you can dial in and save your favourite routes, check your performance and even challenge friends to races and time trials. There are numerous mounting devices available, which you can use to mount your device (be it a smart phone or tablet) to your bike’s handlebars safely too, so there should be no need for you to stop every few miles to get your phone out of your pocket.

Wahoo Bike Pack

Whilst we’re on the subject of smart phones, the Wahoo Bike Pack is a bespoke mounting device that transforms your iPhone into a powerful and flexible bike computer. It can also hook up to your GPS devices and heart-rate monitors and track all of this information in an easy to use and read display.

Soloshot 2

If you’re not only an avid cyclist, but something of an amateur film maker, then the Soloshot2 is the surprisingly affordable solution you didn’t even know you were always searching for! The first completely hands free digital camcorder device (which is compatible with just about any camera on the market) that allows you to film automatically thanks to an integrated transmitter system (which you wear as an armband) and motorised base (which picks up the movements of said armband), the Soloshot 2 is known as the ‘Robotic Cameraman’ for a reason! The Soloshot 2 has a staggering range of 2000 feet and includes networking features, which allow users to link up multiple units. This would make it ideal to capture a bike race, or perhaps film yourself pulling some stunts to upload to YouTube? The possibilities are practically endless.

The Roadpopper

We’ll end here with a gadget that might not be completely ‘necessary’, but will certainly bring you a fair amount of joy. What cyclist has never longed for a nice bottled beer whilst they’re in the middle of nowhere? The Roadpopper is an ingenious device that attaches to the bottom of your seat and its sole purpose is to open bottles. So goodbye disgusting, warm canned lagers, and hello delicious craft ales and ciders!

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