Our electric bike showroom and test centre in London has been open for a while now and thousands of customers have found the perfect e-bike for them here in Twickenham.

We relocated from East Sheen to a larger, better-located home at 46-48 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 3RJ in Summer 2017.

We have the best electric bikes available for free test rides and a full workshop for servicing. The Thames, Richmond Park and a variety of quiet residential streets make it a great location for hassle-free test rides.

Just turn up at the showroom and take your pick - no need to book! We do ask to see some basic identification and take contact details. You can borrow a helmet if you like and you're welcome to park your own bike inside if that's how you arrive.

London is transformed by riding around it on an electric bike. It becomes a smaller, more manageable place. It puts you ahead of the pack and keeps you safe in all the hustle and bustle. I wouldn't leave home without one after 15 years or electric bike riding in London.

Our Twickenham showroom has over 30 electric bikes from KalkhoffHaibike, Cube, Scott and Giant on display, all of which are ready to test ride and buy. We also offer free delivery on all orders if you choose not to ride your new bike away on the day.

This electric bike showroom also has full workshop facilities for servicing and repairs.

Electric bikes in London

Electric bicycles are very well suited for riding in London. The capital is fairly hilly, it is located in the Thames Valley after all, so journeys north and south usually involve a hill. London is also busy and power assistance from an e-bike helps you stay safe in traffic, especially when tackling junctions or keeping clear of other cyclists on busy cycle superhighways.

London air quality and cycling

London's air quality often leaves a lot to be desired. Particulate levels (including the dreaded PM2.5) can soar at busy times and it's important to reduce your exposure. Some cyclists don masks, but particulate pollution can also permeate your skin, so it's wise to complete your journey as quickly as possible and limit your puffing and panting. Electric bike riders don't exert themselves as much as they would on pedal cycle, so this combination of speed and moderate physical activity could really help. I would not cycle in London on anything but an electric bike and thousands of people are coming to the same conclusion.

So, what sort of e-bike is best for London? We probably wouldn't recommend a full-suspension electric mountain bike (though we do sell plenty of them!) for a daily commute. Yes, it'll cope with potholes and kerbs but they often lack lights, luggage racks, kickstands and so on. We recommend fully-equipped specialist commuting electric bikes and touring e-bikes as the best option, along with comfort electric bikes like the Cube Elly range. You want to have a nice upright riding position, good lighting front and back, as well as effective reflectors and a sturdy rack for carrying your stuff. We have plenty of electric bikes like this in our London showroom, in Twickenham.

If you're not enjoying taking the Tube, sitting on a bus or a taxi, maybe an electric bike can transform your London experience. And when the weekend comes, all our electric bikes like to be taken out to the country, or even the local park, for a spot of recreational electric cycling. When you realise how far an e-bike can take you with minimal fuss or bother, the whole world opens up, even that part of it outside London!

Great new location

You'll find our new showroom next door to the large Waitrose on London Road, a few minutes walk from Twickenham station. It's also easily accessible by road from the M3/A316 and Richmond, Kingston-upon-Thames, Heathrow, Surrey and South West London.

There is plenty of parking in the Arragon Road multi-storey directly behind the store as well as limited on-street parking. If you're collecting or dropping off a bike you could also stop for a few minutes in Katharine Road on the South side of our shop.

Katharine Road is very quiet and suitable for shorter test rides and leads to a small traffic-free area as well as the surrounding roads. You can also take a bike down to the Thames Path or further afield to Richmond Park a couple of miles away.

Thursday late night opening

Our London Road showroom is also the first to offer late night opening on Thursdays when our hours are 12pm - 8pm. Normal hours are 9:30am - 5:30pm on Tuesday to Saturday. This showroom is closed every Monday & Sunday.

We're very happy to have found the London showroom we've been looking for since opening our first on Richmond Hill in 2010. The space and light in our new shop show off the bikes beautifully. We can't wait to welcome locals and all Londoners from across the capital to see and ride our e-bikes. Ask for Harry!

50cycles Advanced Electric Bikes
46-48 London Road
Twickenham TW1 3RJ

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