New Interest-Free Electric Bike Finance & Calculator

The 50cycles website has evolved continuously throughout this year but one of the most important changes has been the upgrading of our interest-free electric bike finance options. Four great new things have happened. Continue reading “New Interest-Free Electric Bike Finance & Calculator”

Redbridge Try an Electric Bike Day: 24th August 2014

Electric bike test riders at last year's Redbridge Event
Electric bike test riders at last year’s Redbridge Event

Come and see 50cycles and a selection of Kalkhoff and Focus electric bikes at Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 24th August between 12:30pm and 5:30pm. The event is free to enter, there’s free parking and free test rides. 

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Cycling Safety in the UK [Infographic]

We’ve always advocated electric bikes as a safer alternative to pedal cycles; they’re faster, which means getting away from the melee at the traffic lights and out on to the open road (or Cycle Superhighway) as it may be. The extra power from assisted acceleration can get you out of tight spots in a matter of seconds, and for weaker cyclists they mean spending less time in dangerous locations like uphill bends and junctions. In fact, we were so confident that electric bikes make people feel safer on the roads that we took it to the roads and asked you, the public, what you thought. Here’s what we found:

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50cycles Win Kalkhoff Distributor of the Year Award

50cycles Kalkhoff Distributor of the Year Award50cycles were awarded Kalkhoff’s Distributor of the Year Award for the third time, following wins in 2008 and 2011. This is the most important accolade for us as we’ve worked so hard to establish Kalkhoff as the leading electric bike brand in the UK since 2007. Continue reading “50cycles Win Kalkhoff Distributor of the Year Award”

Electric Mountain Bike vs The South Downs Way: Everybody wins.

Focus Thron Premium Impulse 2.0 Electric Bike
The  Focus Thron Premium Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike with Impulse 2.0 motor and 17Ah battery pack – also used by the 2014 Kalkhoff electric bike range – picked up ExtraEnergy’s Offroad Award this year. One of them has been sitting in our Shoreham-by-Sea showroom looking menacing and today was the day I decided to take it out on the South Downs Way to see what it can do. “What can’t it do?”, more like! Continue reading “Electric Mountain Bike vs The South Downs Way: Everybody wins.”

Must-Have Bike Gadgets

As cyclists, once we’ve kitted ourselves out with the essentials (the helmet, the repair kit, the clobber, and of course the bike itself) there is often the question lingering at the back of our minds; “What else is there to spend my hard earned money on?” Well you could always invest it, save up for a holiday or buy a new TV, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, why not indulge your passion and consider any one of the innovative and exciting bike gadgets listed below? Here we’ve collated some of our favourite accessories, tools and quirky accruements, any of which should have the modern, gadget loving cyclist frothing at the gills. Continue reading “Must-Have Bike Gadgets”

New! Larger Capacity Panasonic Electric Bike Batteries

E-Bike Vision 26V 25Ah battery pack for Kalkhoff, Flyer, BH, Raleigh electric bikes
26 Volt 25 Ah battery pack for electric bike

Panasonic’s 26 volt electric bike system ruled the roads up until about 2012. We sold thousands of Kalkhoff Agattu, Tasman, Pro Connect and Sahel fitted with 26V Panasonic packs – a mere 10Ah in the early days, then 18Ah and finally 24Ah. Initially these came from Panasonic but around 2011, Kalkhoff began including their own higher-capacity batteries from German manufacturer BMZ. As Kalkhoff have focused more and more on their own Impulse electric bike system, supply of 26V Panasonic-compatible batteries has become less certain. But not to worry, another German manufacturer has spotted an opportunity in the shape of several hundred thousand electric bike owners across Europe riding Kalkhoff, Raleigh, BH, Flyer and several other brands that rely on these battery packs.

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