50cycles electric bikes stamp out carbon footprints with Good Energy

50cycles Ltd, supplier of advanced electric bicycles, announces today an affiliate partnership with renewable energy supplier Good Energy. 50Cycles will recommend that all its electric bicycle customers switch over their electricity to Good Energy, the only UK supplier using 100% renewable sources of energy.

Ultimately, most electric vehicles rely on the burning of oil, gas or coal to recharge their batteries. Recharging with power supplied by Good Energy transforms an electric bike, always one of the smartest and least-polluting ways of travelling, into a truly carbon-neutral means of transport.

From today, all new electric bicycle owners can follow a link to a dedicated 50cycles page on the Good Energy website. There they will find a wealth of information on the company’s renewable energy sources as well as advice on how to switch over their supply.

50cycles own warehouse, workshop and office premises in Loughborough, Leics switched over to Good Energy earlier this year and Scott Snaith, one of the company’s founders and directors, is switching over his own domestic supply.

50cycles electric bicycles are very similar to conventional bikes but equipped with a powerful motor, control unit and Lithium ion battery pack. The motor and battery help the rider maintain a higher average speed than a conventional bike and tackle hills, headwinds and heavy loads with much less effort.

An electric bike like the eZee Torq can provide up to 30 miles of assistance before the need to recharge, making it a viable alternative to the motor car for most journeys. But unlike the motor car, electric cyclists are able to get some exercise as all 50cycles electric bikes come complete with normal pedals and gears and can be ridden with or without motor assistance.

Tim Snaith of 50cycles Ltd says “In these carbon-conscious times, we knew we were halfway there offering technology that greatly reduces the carbon footprint of a journey that might otherwise be made in a car. Customers who choose to switch suppliers to Good Energy can now travel everywhere on their electric bike without leaving any carbon footprint at all.

“And when you compare that with the carbon food miles used up by a hungry, thirsty cyclist covering the same distance at the same speed, electric bicycles come out very, very well indeed.”

The 50Cycles team has attended a few interesting events over the last couple of weeks starting with an electric vehicle promotional day at the Cribbs Causeway shopping centre in Bristol organised by Nikki Bloomfield.

The event was to promote the use of any electric vehicle and also to publicise the opening of the shopping centres electric vehicle charging point 50cycles were covering the electric bike side of the day with many inquisitive passers by getting the chance to experience the thrill of the eZee torq and eZee quando. There were also some more unusual vehicles on display like the twike, which is Dr Andreas Schroers baby (www.twike.co.uk) and also a few interesting conversions presented by the battery vehicle society (www.bvs.org.uk)and also the flashy vectrix crew with there electric motorbike.

All in all it was a very productive day with many electric bike enthusiasts and general passers by in the environmental hot spot of Bristol popping down to try out the now becoming world famous eZee torq, and after a quick test ride the general consensus was “wow, what a lovely bike to ride” without the battery and a total amazement at the amount of power produced from such a compact motor and battery.

Cribbs Causaway Bristol Shopping Centre

3The following week the 50 cycles roadshow moved on to Exeter at the request of Exeter council to promote the use of electric transport to there employees and also to show different sections of the council how the use of electric bikes could make certain jobs more efficient than using regular vehicles, and certainlymuch more environmentally friendly. The afternoon went swimmingly with many employees venturing out in to thecar park at the civic centre to try out the bikes and the seed of dumping there car being planted in manyminds, also when the cyclescheme was mentioned whichnear enough halves the price of the eZee bikes to themmany peoples ears started to prick up even more.

The following day the flashy 50cycles van moved on to Bournemouth sea front at the request of Andrew Emery from Bournemouth council. We set the van up in the morning right on the sea front next to the pier and were immediately grabbing the attention of conventional cyclists that were being passed by council members trying out our bikes. This event was promoted with vigour by Andrew with pretty much every head of the different council departments attending to evaluate the performance of the bikes, and how they could be beneficial to there different circumstances.

Along with many intrigued members of the public we had the current mayor, the ex mayor and numerous councillors zipping up and down the seafront and arriving back with us with a look of amazement on there faces at how the bikes perform. The event was also covered by a local photographer forwarding the pictures to all the local papers, and Bournemouth seafront were that impressed they will be taking on an eZee bike to do jobs that were previously done by polluting vans.

50Cycles are attending a number of events over the Spring and Summer and we’ll let you know how we get on.

Happy Cycling!!!!!!!!!!


Presteigne event update

Presteigne event update 5
2007 Tour de Presteigne will take place on Sunday May 13th as part of ECOearth 2007. I don’t have any more details on ECOearth yet, but last year it was an entertaining fair with stalls showing off various eco products such as ground source heat pumps, sheeps wool insulation, water recovery systems etc. as well as more fun things such as mobile sculptures made from scrap metal and pedal powered electricity generators for the kids to power their own computers games.
The bike part of it will consist of stalls showing electric bikes, with the opportunity to try them (50 Cycles will be there) . On Saturday evening there will be a musical event at the Legion, Presteigne featuring John Louis at the amazing French macadam Electric Powered Piano.

On Sunday morning there will be a short hill climb just half a mile out of town, followed by a leisurely 12 mile ride around the picturesque small roads and bridleways of the area. (For those that don’t know the area, there really are plenty of small, pretty, uncongested roads in this part of the world) .

At 3pm there will be a discussion followed by a question and answer session with some of the movers and shakers of the industry .

At 5.30pm the one hour rally will begin around the new course that links the Business park and the Industrial estate.

Organizer Pete Mustill is urging anyone of any age or fitness who owns an electric bike or especially anyone has built one, to sign up straight away. Tricycles, shopper bikes and general eccentricity are welcomed -it is a fun event and not just for speed freaks.
Entrance fee for competitors is £10, £30 for stall holders, which includes a stall , chairs and a power point.
Contact Pete Mustill on 01544 267163 or email: broadsheep@aol.com

“Electric bikes are taking off”

This article from the International Herald & Tribune’s Business pages enthuses about the potential of electric bikes and how the technology seems set to enjoy a massive expansion in markets in the industrialised and developing world. Certainly the most exciting and pro electric bicycle article we can remember seeing. Very interesting facts and figures about how many people are using them already.