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  1. Presteigne event update

    Presteigne event update
    2007 Tour de Presteigne will take place on Sunday May 13th as part of ECOearth 2007. I don't have any more details on ECOearth yet, but last year it was an entertaining fair with stalls showing off various eco products such as ground source heat pumps, sheeps wool insulation, water recovery systems etc. as well as more fun things such...
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  2. "Electric bikes are taking off"

    This article from the International Herald & Tribune's Business pages enthuses about the potential of electric bikes and how the technology seems set to enjoy a massive expansion in markets in the industrialised and developing world. Certainly the most exciting and pro electric bicycle article we can remember seeing. Very interesting facts and figures about how many people are using...
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  3. Cambridge at rush hour

    50cycles had a base in Cambridge for nearly two years and in many ways it is cycling Nirvana - lots of serious, separate cycle tracks, miles of riverside riding, plentiful parking and tens of thousands of of fellow cyclists. This sped-up footage of the junction just to the south of the main college thoroughfare illustrates how a town ruled by...
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  4. Off the grid

    Off the grid
    We delivered a Sprint 7 to Nottingham University's eco house yesterday.Located on a hill close to the department for the built environment, it's well placed to catch both the sunshine (for natural light and power) and prevailing winds (to spin the turbines and test the double glazing). The same hilliness means an electric bike will prove useful for getting around...
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  5. Cycling Plus

    Cycling Plus
    This is one of our proudest moment and great to see that an Electric bike has made it into Cycling Plus and voted one of the best bikes around.
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  6. The Times backs bikes

    The Times leader of 21 February 2007 questioned why cycling isn't being considered more seriously as an alternative to cars."More than half of all car journeys in London cover distances of less than two miles. The car is a creature comfort, but the experience of a short drive in Central London is not necessarily a comfortable one. Many drivers endure...
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  7. 2 out of 3

    2 out of 3
    David Henshaw editor of AtoB wins Tour De Presteigne on the latest Ezee Torq. A weekend not to be missed Presteigne Chapter 2. This event will give all Electric bike owners the chance to show off their latest contraptions. If you do not own an Electric bike why not join in the fun and test ride one for free
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  8. Always in Always

    Always in Always
    Not long now until the pleasure of E Cycling is upon us. The wind created by the fast Electric bike makes it the perfect way to get around in the heat of the summer. The best of both worlds of getting fit if needed or the convenience of turning the power for full assistance while enjoying the view or being...
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  9. Power-assisted bicycles good for the heart?

    There is some evidence that using an electric bike in power-assist mode is a useful form of exercise. Power-assisted cycling allows the rider to stay in a zone of useful aerobic exercise for extended periods of time; pedalling a normal bike brings a higher heart rate, but this cannot be maintained by many riders and may even be harmful (or...
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  10. Carbon Neutral or Carbon Negative?

    Why are we personally or why are companies content at the best to be Carbon Neutral?If we all aimed to be Carbon Negative the world climate problem could be solved very quickly. Some people maybe unsure what is meant by this.Not only does one try and save enough Carbon to offset ones own Carbon footprint but to take it a...
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