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  1. 2 out of 3

    2 out of 3
    David Henshaw editor of AtoB wins Tour De Presteigne on the latest Ezee Torq. A weekend not to be missed Presteigne Chapter 2. This event will give all Electric bike owners the chance to show off their latest contraptions. If you do not own an Electric bike why not join in the fun and test ride one for free
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  2. Always in Always

    Always in Always
    Not long now until the pleasure of E Cycling is upon us. The wind created by the fast Electric bike makes it the perfect way to get around in the heat of the summer. The best of both worlds of getting fit if needed or the convenience of turning the power for full assistance while enjoying the view or being...
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  3. Power-assisted bicycles good for the heart?

    There is some evidence that using an electric bike in power-assist mode is a useful form of exercise. Power-assisted cycling allows the rider to stay in a zone of useful aerobic exercise for extended periods of time; pedalling a normal bike brings a higher heart rate, but this cannot be maintained by many riders and may even be harmful (or...
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  4. Carbon Neutral or Carbon Negative?

    Why are we personally or why are companies content at the best to be Carbon Neutral?If we all aimed to be Carbon Negative the world climate problem could be solved very quickly. Some people maybe unsure what is meant by this.Not only does one try and save enough Carbon to offset ones own Carbon footprint but to take it a...
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  5. Matlock Mercury

    Back in the Saddle - Stanley Codd(centre) of Darley Dale is presented with his eco-friendly electric bike by Scott Snaith and James Littlewood of 50 Cycles.com after taking part in the Central News comnpetition Bike to the Future. Pensioner's cycle prize A DARLEY DALE man finally realised a boyhood ambition by winning his first ever brand new bike. Stanley Codd...
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  6. MP's Tax or Taxis

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/6359591.stmThis is an interesting link. Maybe some MP's need making aware of Electric Bikes so they can spend less Tax money on Taxis and help save the planet.
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  7. Feburary 12th 2007

    Well, what an eventful day.Woke up early, worked hard, went to bed.One thing did catch my eye though was Channel 4 news regarding democracy and implying what a load of rubbish the current system is. Voting every four years for one party's policies of the future which usually turn out to be so different to what actually happens.Surely with such...
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  8. Prize Winner

    Just delivered a bike to the winner of a competition ITV Central News was holding to help promote the reduction and congestion of the UK roads.The lucky winner was a 80 year old Gentleman Mr Stanley Codd of Matlock, Derbyshire. He will certainly benefit from the Torqs Hill climbing ability in this beutiful town. He was extremely happy and grateful...
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  9. MPioneer

    MP Visits Local 50Cycles Company to Promote Electric Cycle Fri, 02 Feb 2007 Andy Reed visited local company 50Cycles today to see for himself what contribution electric cycles can make to the environment and commuting and congestion. Andy said "I was pleased to come along to see this Loughborough based company today. Scott Snaith contacted me a few weeks ago...
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  10. 50cycles in Shanghai Part One

    50cycles in Shanghai Part One
    You have a lot of time to think on a flight to Shanghai. I chose instead to watch as many movies as possible before falling asleep.I sat through Red Road, was wound up by Crank and suffered Severance. Finally as my Airbus roared out tonnes of CO2 thousands of metres above a million square kilometres of rapidly-thawing Siberian tundra, I...
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