The Times backs bikes

The Times leader of 21 February 2007 questioned why cycling isn’t being considered more seriously as an alternative to cars.

“More than half of all car journeys in London cover distances of less than two miles. The car is a creature comfort, but the experience of a short drive in Central London is not necessarily a comfortable one. Many drivers endure grinding stop-and-start, culminating in fury at not being able to find a parking space. They are short of time. Yet many of those who are unemcumbered by children or shopping would save time — and money — by cycling.On an average journey of four miles in Central London, cycling is the fastest mode of transport. And, fumes and accidents apart, it is much healthier. Regular cycling is said to halve the chances of suffering from heart disease. Campaigners argue that regular cyclists can achieve levels of fitness comparable to those of noncyclists ten years younger. It is a way to reduce stress and demonstrate an environmental conscience at the same time. How modern.”

The article goes on to criticise the poor provision for cyclists in the capital and other British cities. When The Thunderer leads with something like this, it’s fair to say the tide is most definitely turning in favour of cyclists. And of course electric cyclists enjoy all these benefits, but arrive even sooner, less flustered and arguably more safely.

Always in Always

Always in Always 3
Not long now until the pleasure of E Cycling is upon us. The wind created by the fast Electric bike makes it the perfect way to get around in the heat of the summer. The best of both worlds of getting fit if needed or the convenience of turning the power for full assistance while enjoying the view or being totally aware of the surrounding traffic.

Any people that own an Electric bike knows of the freedom E bikes can give and what a versatile form of transport it is. The benefits of both a pedastrian vehicle and motorised vehicle.

With Global warming we have discovered that Electric bikes are becoming less seasonal and more feasible during the winter months and more people are now commuting using an electric bike come rain, sleet or shine.

Power-assisted bicycles good for the heart?

There is some evidence that using an electric bike in power-assist mode is a useful form of exercise. Power-assisted cycling allows the rider to stay in a zone of useful aerobic exercise for extended periods of time; pedalling a normal bike brings a higher heart rate, but this cannot be maintained by many riders and may even be harmful (or off-putting) for those who are less healthy.

The research was carried out by the Institute for Transport Studies at the Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University in Australia. Geoff Rose offered the following information on the research:

“The research involved fitting an individual with a heart rate monitor and comparing the readings when a standard course was ridden on a conventional and electric power assisted bicycle. The data for the journey on the E-bike highlighted that the peak heart rate was consistently lower than when on the conventional bike but still in the zone where there was cardiovascular benefit.”

Electric cycling may be ‘cheating’ but it keeps your heart healthy and beating! Clearly, more research needs to be carried out on this.

Carbon Neutral or Carbon Negative?

Why are we personally or why are companies content at the best to be Carbon Neutral?
If we all aimed to be Carbon Negative the world climate problem could be solved very quickly. Some people maybe unsure what is meant by this.

Not only does one try and save enough Carbon to offset ones own Carbon footprint but to take it a step further one can proactively save Carbon well beyond what one uses. Whether it be an individual or company. How can this be achieved? Well first of all you must look at your own footprint and make a conscious effort of neutralising your own by switching power suppliers, using renewable fuels for transport and recycling everything possible. Once this is achieved, by actively promoting a Green way of life and by taking a lead will make others aware of switching over power suppliers and using alternative methods of transport. If somebody then follows your lead and switches all there power supply to a green method or travels to work by bicycle or by using renewables you can calmly sleep at night knowing you are actually Carbon Negative.

It gives me great satisfaction that the people on this blog are most certainly Carbon Negative simply by helping to reduce the number of car journeys made per year in this country and therefore reducing Carbon Emmisions by thousands of tonnes. At 50cycles all our homes and Business premises are now switching to a Green Supplier and we will be making it easier for our customers to do the same in the future. If all other companies promoted and led the way in being Carbon Negative by whatever means whether planting trees or helping customers to be aware of Carbon saving ways we could all make a difference very quickly.

So please Lead the way and influence others to change there ways by showing them that a sacrafice in lifestyle is not needed to make a difference in the world. You do not have to be swampy and live in a tree to save Carbon if you do not want to. But simply leading by example should be enough if both individuals and corporations can do the same. Like throwing a pebble or a boulder in a lake the ripples will for ever be creating more no matter how big or small the cause.

Matlock Mercury

Back in the Saddle - Stanley Codd(centre) of Darley Dale is presented with his eco-friendly electric bike by Scott Snaith and James Littlewood of 50 after taking part in the Central News comnpetition Bike to the Future.
Back in the Saddle – Stanley Codd(centre) of Darley Dale is presented with his eco-friendly electric bike by Scott Snaith and James Littlewood of 50 after taking part in the Central News comnpetition Bike to the Future.

Pensioner’s cycle prize
A DARLEY DALE man finally realised a boyhood ambition by winning his first ever brand new bike.
Stanley Codd, aged 80, was the lucky winner of an environmentally friendly electric bike after entering a competion run by 50 Cycles.

The Bike to the Future competition was based around current environmental hot topics and ran every night on ITV Central News.

Mr Codd said: “It is a magnificent bike and will do about 20 to 30 miles when charged up, if you use your legs it will go a bit further.

“The bike arrived with the snow though so I have not had a chance to use it yet but I am looking forward to getting out on it.”

Mr Codd cycled to work for 30 years but has not used a cycle for the past 40 years.

He said: “It was a really pleasant surprise, I have never won anything before and this is my first ever brand new bike.

“The last one cost me £3 second hand.”

14 February 2007
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Feburary 12th 2007

Well, what an eventful day.
Woke up early, worked hard, went to bed.

One thing did catch my eye though was Channel 4 news regarding democracy and implying what a load of rubbish the current system is. Voting every four years for one party’s policies of the future which usually turn out to be so different to what actually happens.

Surely with such modern Technologies to hand we should look seriously at how democracy works today. The best way to be democratic is for anyone who is interested in the proposed topic and has some expertise in the policy in question should be allowed to vote through the various media technologies available to us now such as the Internet, Red Button on Sky or Telephone.

The way we now run our Government and Politics is so ancient that if business was run in this way nowadays we would still rely on carrier Pigeons, Faxes and Filing cabinets.
I hope the Generation of the future can spot this indifference in the ways of the world and the way politics is run. A cross in a voting booth. What a futuristic world we live in!

Today is a Ecycle tommorow is tricsure!

Prize Winner

Just delivered a bike to the winner of a competition ITV Central News was holding to help promote the reduction and congestion of the UK roads.

The lucky winner was a 80 year old Gentleman Mr Stanley Codd of Matlock, Derbyshire. He will certainly benefit from the Torqs Hill climbing ability in this beutiful town. He was extremely happy and grateful with his new found freedom.

A snippet from the Matlock Mercury will appear here soon.