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  1. Which of our e-bikes goes furthest? It's not our most expensive one!

    In my last post I talked about how electric bikes have the power make more of every day. You'll go further, faster with more enjoyment along the way. But which of our e-bikes goes furthest? Continue reading

  2. 10% off all Giant & Winora E-Bikes

    10% off all Giant & Winora E-Bikes this Weekend (no code needed, we've knocked 10% off, saving you up to £339.50 inc. UK delivery)Choose your Giant E-Bike or a formidable Winora Yakun (exclusive to 50cycles)   This is the bike I've been riding all Summer. Why is it my favourite? Because Winora made the genius move of putting the almighty Yamaha PW-X motor...
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  3. Electric bikes are taking over Brighton & Hove

    E-bikes spotted here, there and everywhere in Brighton and South Coast

    I've been riding to our e-bike shop in Shoreham-by-Sea every day this week and something has changed. Electric bikes are suddenly everywhere in Brighton. Every third or fourth cyclist I encounter along my 12-mile journey is riding an electric bike these days.

    Today alone I saw an Ancheer electric bike, a couple of Raleighs and a couple of Haibike, a Batribike, a Carrera, a couple of Kalkhoffs, something that looked a kit-built ebike and a no-name folding electric locked up by the Palace Pier. These were some of the e-bikes I spotted on the cycle path between the Marina and Hove Lagoon, there may have been more I missed.

    It's not just the sunshine either. Today was glorious but even on duller days I see at least half a dozen e-bikes. Continue reading

  4. What's it like to ride an electric bike?

    If you're curious about riding an e-bike, you're probably wondering what the experience is like. What's it like to ride an electric bike? How does it differ from riding a pedal cycle, walking, or even driving? How does it feel? Continue reading

  5. World's first cryptocurrency bike is electric

    50cycles announces cryptocurrency-earning electric bike

    Toba Cryptocurrency Electric Bikes Click to sign up for updates about the Toba crypto e-bike

    50cycles has always lead the way with technology. We started our business selling the world's first practical folding electric bike in 2003 quickly followed by the world's first e-bike to use Lithium ion batteries a year later. Along the way we've presented e-bikes that measure and respond to your heartbeat, provide route guidance and more. The latest innovation from 50cycles take e-bikes into a whole new dimension, cryptocurrencies.

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  6. Common misconceptions about electric bikes

    The poor, misunderstood e-bike They've been around for years but several misconceptions about what electric bikes are and how they differ from pedal cycles persist. These are questions and comments we often hear when people encounter electric bikes for the first time, in our store or out on the road and trails. We're going to try to settle some of...
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  7. Welcome to the new 50cycles Electric Bikes website

    Our vastly-improved new website is now live

    50cycles New Website

    We've completed the biggest ever overhaul of our website. It's now smarter, faster, clearer and more secure.
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  8. Our first ever electric bike was stolen. Here's how we got it back.

    2001 Honda Step Compo folding electric bike

    The idea of 50cycles Electric Bikes became a reality one day in August 2003 when our first electric bike arrived  in the UK. It was a little Honda Step Compo that had been hand-packed and despatch from Tokyo by my brother and 50cycles co-founder Scott Snaith.  The very same bike was stolen from us late last year, but now it's back in our possession and on display in our new London showroom. Continue reading

  9. New Store Openings, New Bikes, Some Award Winners

    50cycles Altrincham openingOwners Scott & Tim outside our new Altrincham e-bike showroom on opening day

    It's been a busy time since our last email: two new stores, lots of new bikes coming into stock, some new award winners and a couple of bargains in our Clearance category. Continue reading

  10. London Electric Bikes Shop

    50cycles advanced electric bikes began its life in London in 2003.  Our first London electric bikes shop opened in Richmond in 2010. We're staying in the borough with our latest opening, in London Road, Twickenham. It's our largest, most accessible and best London showroom yet. Continue reading

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