Panasonic electric bike battery will give your old e-bike new life

26V Panasonic Electric Bike Battery
26V Panasonic Electric Bike Battery compatible with Kalkhoff e-bikes and many other brands

If you own a Kalkhoff electric bike with the Panasonic motor system and battery, we have some very good news.

We’ve had many calls about replacement Panasonic electric bike battery packs from owners of Kalkhoff electric bikes bought between 2007 and 2014 but until now we haven’t been able a really good, long-distance, fair-priced option.

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Ubco 2×2 Dual Use Electric Motorcycle has the power to take you anywhere


Two wheels, two motors, no petrol, no noise. The Ubco 2×2 will redefine how you ride, work and play, both on- and off-road.

All terrain and all performance, you’ll say goodbye to the limitations of your environment, and experience the ease of on- to off-road travel.

With its lightweight frame and powerful, near silent motors, the Ubco 2×2 gives you complete control for all your adventures and is just as capable cruising through the city as it is zipping down your favourite bush track. Whether you’re getting the cows in or commuting to work, the Ubco 2×2 is ready to take on whatever you throw at it.

The 48Ah Lithium-Ion Portage Battery System not only fuels the vehicle; it powers all your tools from your phone to your drill (at the same time).

Cart your gear from job to job with ease and adapt the 2×2 as you need it with clever accessory lugs located across the frame. The dual electric drive is smooth, ultra-quiet and low maintenance; it can go through trenches, up hills and over asphalt without a second thought. And all of this with an equivalent efficiency of 882mpg.

Ubco 2x2 diagram


With a motor in both wheels — no clutch, drivetrain, emissions, or noise — you’ll say hello to improved traction, all-terrain performance and improved handling.


Built with front wheel drive in mind to bring you a smoother, more compliant ride that can be adjusted to zip around the city, or tackle your favourite off-road track.


No more running out of juice for your phone or tools. Keep your battery life and your productivity at 100% by charging directly from the Portage Battery System.


Accessory lugs allow you to attach anything from a holster to a trailer to storage bags. The 2×2 loves to be kitted out!


UBCO first built the 2×2 to help out on the farm, but really, the possibilities are endless.This is just a sample of the places we imagine it fitting in; it’s perfect for work or play.





Pest Control
Horse Breeders
Trail Riders
Mobile Repair
Event Patrol
Security / Park Rangers
Postmen / Delivery
Film Industry
Police / Firemen
Search and Rescue
Disaster Relief


This is without a doubt the most interesting new electric vehicle we’ve seen in many years. It ticks all the boxes: enormous power and range, throttle operation, it’s useful, robust, intelligently-designed and has the all-important LOADS OF FUN factor.

They’re going down a storm in New Zealand, check out Ubco’s own website for more details and case studies.


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BH Evo Electric Bikes – Exceedingly Powerful E-bikes

Introducing BH Evo Electric Bikes

We know what most people want from an electric bike is plenty of power. It’s the power to flatten hills, cut through headwinds and make hauling heavy loads easy that appeals. And it’s the power that brings you back for more and longer rides.

Power is especially important in some areas. To feel confident when navigating through busy streets at rush hour, you need as much as possible. The ability to rapidly increase your speed when crossing a junction really sets electric bikes apart from pedal cycles. Once you’ve tried it, you wouldn’t want to ride in traffic without electric assistance. It makes that much difference to your ride.
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BH Electric Bikes UK at 50cycles

Introduction to BH Electric Bikes at 50cycles

It’s the biggest news for 50cycles and our customers in many years.

We have signed an exclusive deal with renowned manufacturer BH to bring their electric bike range to the UK.

BH has been a significant player in the electric bike market for many years. Their EasyMotion brand is already a huge success across Europe and, unusually, even in the United States.

But BH has never quite broken through in the UK in the same way that brands like Kalkhoff, Haibike and Specialized have.

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Electric bikes: THE catalyst for making the UK a better place to live

I had a realisation the other day, while riding my Winora Yakun e-bike along the coast to Brighton and back.

Electric bikes: THE catalyst for making the UK a better place to live 1Electric bikes make things happen more quickly. I can fit more things into a day when I’m on my electric bike. But hold on, isn’t that what cars are supposed to be good at? Sort of, but every time I get in a car to go somewhere I’m sealing myself up in a metal box (an unbearably hot metal box at this time of year), wait in queues of traffic, hoping I’ll find somewhere to park.

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Electric Bikes Brighton: they are taking over in Brighton & Hove

E-bikes spotted here, there and everywhere in Brighton and on the South Coast
Electric Bikes Brighton: they are taking over in Brighton & Hove 2I’ve been riding to
our e-bike shop in Shoreham-by-Sea every day this week and something has changed. Electric bikes are suddenly everywhere in Brighton. Every third or fourth cyclist I encounter along my 12-mile journey is riding an electric bike these days.

Today alone I saw an Ancheer electric bike, a couple of Raleighs and a couple of Haibike, a Batribike, a Carrera, a couple of Kalkhoffs, something that looked a kit-built ebike and a no-name folding electric locked up by the Palace Pier. These were some of the e-bikes I spotted on the cycle path between the Marina and Hove Lagoon, there may have been more I missed.

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World’s first cryptocurrency bike is electric

50cycles announces cryptocurrency-earning electric bike

Toba Cryptocurrency Electric Bikes
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50cycles has always lead the way with technology. We started our business selling the world’s first practical folding electric bike in 2003 quickly followed by the world’s first e-bike to use Lithium ion batteries a year later. Along the way we’ve presented e-bikes that measure and respond to your heartbeat, provide route guidance and more. The latest innovation from 50cycles take e-bikes into a whole new dimension, cryptocurrencies.

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Common misconceptions about electric bikes

The poor, misunderstood e-bike

Common misconceptions about electric bikes 4They’ve been around for years but several misconceptions about what electric bikes are and how they differ from pedal cycles persist.

These are questions and comments we often hear when people encounter electric bikes for the first time, in our store or out on the road and trails.

We’re going to try to settle some of them here.

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