New! Larger Capacity Panasonic Electric Bike Batteries

E-Bike Vision 26V 25Ah battery pack for Kalkhoff, Flyer, BH, Raleigh electric bikes
26 Volt 25 Ah battery pack for electric bike

Panasonic’s 26 volt electric bike system ruled the roads up until about 2012. We sold thousands of Kalkhoff Agattu, Tasman, Pro Connect and Sahel fitted with 26V Panasonic packs – a mere 10Ah in the early days, then 18Ah and finally 24Ah. Initially these came from Panasonic but around 2011, Kalkhoff began including their own higher-capacity batteries from German manufacturer BMZ. As Kalkhoff have focused more and more on their own Impulse electric bike system, supply of 26V Panasonic-compatible batteries has become less certain. But not to worry, another German manufacturer has spotted an opportunity in the shape of several hundred thousand electric bike owners across Europe riding Kalkhoff, Raleigh, BH, Flyer and several other brands that rely on these battery packs.

They are aware of how many bikes of this type we have sold and our profile in the market here in the UK, so we’re proud to offer their 26V battery pack range and fast charger for the first time in the UK.

E-Bike Vision Powerpacks are compatible with the Panasonic 26V motor system and associated 1.8A charger that came with your bike. They use optimised Lithium Ion cell technology they provide a powerful and long range addition to the proven motor system.

Each battery comes fitted with an external charging jack for use with E-Bike Visions 6A quick charger meaning you can now charge the battery without removing it from the bike, they can also be charged with the original Panasonic 1.8A charger. The battery casing benefits from a handy carrying strap and a peripheral seal in the housing provides additional protection against moisture. The batteries have been further optimised in the battery management system (BMS) with intelligent cell balancing to ensure a long service life.

All E-Bike Vision Powerpacks are tested in accordance to the UN transport regulations and carry the seal of approval in accordance with EN standard EN62133.

We’ve priced these keenly at £475 for the 18Ah pack (our previous 18Ah were £525), £575 for the 21Ah and £775 for the 25Ah pack. The 6A fast charger, which will charge an 18Ah pack in 3 hours, is on sale for an introductory £100.Visit our website to see more information, photographs and specifications
E-Bike Vision PowerPack batteries for Kalkhoff, Raleigh, Flyer, BH electric bikes

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