Panasonic electric bike battery will give your old e-bike new life

26V Panasonic Electric Bike Battery
26V Panasonic Electric Bike Battery compatible with Kalkhoff e-bikes and many other brands

If you own a Kalkhoff electric bike with the Panasonic motor system and battery, we have some very good news.

We’ve had many calls about replacement Panasonic electric bike battery packs from owners of Kalkhoff electric bikes bought between 2007 and 2014 but until now we haven’t been able a really good, long-distance, fair-priced option.

Most of the early Kalkhoff bikes came with 26V 10Ah batteries. Around 2011, 26V 18Ah batteries and then 26V 24Ah became available. Both of these options massively increased the range you could achieve between charges.

Lots of owners upgraded from 10Ah to 18Ah over the years but we recently sold out of all 26V battery packs. That’s when we started looking at alternatives.

We found a very good one, which we’re revealing today.

Save up £200 compared to previous Panasonic electric bike battery options

Our new 26V battery packs offer greater capacity and better value, with a £200 saving on the last battery of similar size.

Here’s how much they used to cost:

Original Panasonic Electric Bike Battery 26V 10Ah £405 (out of stock since 2013)

BMZ 26V 18Ah via Kalkhoff was £525 (no longer available and prone to handle breakage)

BMZ 26V 24Ah  via Kalkhoff was £695 (best current price we have found is £750, but only available in Germany)

In contrast, our new 26V 23.2Ah battery pack is only £495

It’s compatible with your charger

We’ve taken the time to test the new batteries on older model Kalkhoff bikes with a Panasonic battery and we’re pleased to find that they’re compatible with older chargers as well. The 18Ah and 24Ah batteries also needed a new charger from BMZ, costing over £120, so the saving with this battery is even greater.

That’s £495 for a new battery that will give at least twice the assisted range of the original 10Ah batteries sold on many bikes, with no requirement to buy a new charger. This is the best way to give your old, tried-and-tested electric bike a new lease on life with renewed stamina. No need to worry about if your battery will last throughout your ride, no need to limit yourself when planning your rides. Back to the good old days, except better!

These batteries come with a 12-month warranty and they’re packed with super high quality 18650 Samsung cells. We bring these battery packs in from a European supplier so please allow 28 days for delivery.


Also compatible with many electric bike brands, not just Kalkhoff

This battery pack is also compatible with several other brands as well as Kalkhoff electric bikes that use the 26V Panasonic e-bike system:

  • Kalkhoff Agattu, Pro Connect, Tasman, Sahel, Connect Lady, Agattu F
  • Focus Jarifa
  • Rixe
  • Victoria
  • BikeTec
  • Kettler
  • Staiger
  • Peugeot
  • Raleigh Leeds & Raleigh Dover
  • Spencer Ivy
  • Swiss Flyer
  • BH EasyMotion
  • KTM Amparo
  • Virtually any e-bike using the Panasonic 26V system

New 26V Panasonic Electric Bike Battery Summary

  • This battery with Panasonic shape 26V 23.2Ah for e-bike will replace perfectly the original battery with 26 volt compatible chargers.
  • Replacement for NKY224B02, NKY314B2 NKY335B2
  • More than twice the range of the original Panasonic 10ah batteries
  • This battery is made with high quality 18650 SAMSUNG cells.
  • Has a capacity of 23.2Ah will allow you to realize more than kilometres than the original battery (from 80 to 120 Km).
  • No need to purchase a specific charger, this battery is compatible with the original charger
  • Guarantee 12 months
  • Super value compared to older batteries

Call 0333 900 5050 to order today or buy the new 26V battery pack now at 50cycles

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  1. Laurie Salyer

    I have a panaspnic flyer on it it says 26 V 10 ah also a number of NKY239B02 and its a Li-ion. Do you have something that will work. I am in the United States.

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