Precision Electric Bike Fitting

Our Bristol store has just installed an electric bike fitting system. This precision allows for the comfiest and most efficient cycling position on the bike. For 10 minutes of your time, you can be certain that any back, wrist, hip or knee pain is non-existant with the correct saddle and handlebar measurements being presented to you.

This is usually a system you’ll find in bespoke high-end road bicycle shops where the correct fit is the difference between winning or losing a race. However, we feel as if our customers will benefit from the comfort that a properly fitted bike provides.

Provided by Scott Sports, we are able to fit any brand and model of bike, new or old to your measurements. If you are buying or have bought a bike within the last month the fitting experience is free of charge. For any other customer, the consultation is charged at £30, which includes a free adjustment to your bike to the measurements given. A full report is also created for you to take away.

The process is done with 3 easy steps, which are explained below.

Bike Fitting Body Scan

Captures physical data with a 5-point body scan. You stand in front of the measurement display. We take a photo and define the position of key areas of your body such as your in-seem, shoulder height and arm length. This step takes 2 minutes, after which you may browse other areas of our showroom or enjoy your complimentary hot drink whilst the consultant finalises the report using the software.

Bike Selection

 The software automatically recommends a suitable bike on the basis of your details and physical data, including frame size and attachments. A selection list with filter function facilitates a search through more than 60 bike brands and over 10,000 current models in the online database. We will use these figures to ensure we have found the exact right bike for you.

Media Reports

You will be presented with all the data from the body scan. We will take into account any existing physical issues and then adjust your bike to the measurements on the report. You will be invited to take a test ride in your new position and we will be on hand to offer support to any feedback you may have.

To book in for a precision bike fit, please call our Bristol ebike showroom on 0117 925 4419 to book a consultation.

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