Electric Street Scoota launched on 50cycles.com

Electric Street Scoota launched on 50cycles.com 1
We were offered a demonstration of an exciting new electric scooter recently. We have a lot of these approaches and mostly turn them down because for one reason or other they don’t quite fit in with the 50cycles ethos.

So what was so exciting? Well, the new Street Scoota electric motor scooter offers the performance, build quality and looks of electric scooters twice the price or more. The importers tell us that they tested and refined their scooters for a long time before deciding they were ready for launch in the UK. The result is neat little machine that can cover up to 40 miles on a charge, with a top speed of 30mph and simple throttle operation, all for £995*.

Being a fully-fledged motor vehicle (no pedals on this baby), it requires registration plates (which is taken care of for you after purchase) and insurance. But other than that, it’s very, very cheap to run. As little as 0.2p per mile for a very capable electric vehicle. As for road tax, being electric it’s zero-rated and there is of course no congestion charge to pay, should you ever find yourself in the zone. No special licence or training is required for anyone who passed their test before 1 Feb 2001, so there’s little to stop you hopping on and having fun.

We’ll have a Street Scoota available for demonstration at 50cycles Loughborough headquarters shortly.

* plus delivery and registration