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  1. BH Electric Bikes - It takes two to make great things happen

    How we found BH Electric Bikes A quick story this time. Around twelve years ago we were looking for something new and different to offer our customers. Our existing supplier was struggling to make enough bikes on time and unable to keep up with the latest advances. So, we went to a big trade fair in Cologne, the first with...
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  2. BH Evo Electric Bikes - Exceedingly Powerful E-bikes

    BH Evo Electric Bikes - Exceedingly Powerful E-bikes
    Most people are looking for an electric bike that offers something quite different from an ordinary bicycle. That is why we're excited by the new BH Evo range of electric bikes. Strong assistance, large battery capacity and keen pricing.
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  3. 50cycles Kalkhoff electric bike spares shop opens

    50cycles electric bikes have just launched their new Kalkhoff electric bikes spares shop on their website featuring all the products you'll need to keep your Kalkhoff electric bicycle (or, indeed, your Gitane, Giant Lafree, Monark, BH E-Motion, Helkama, Rixe, Focus, Gazelle, Biketech Flyer, or Rixe electric bike) on the road. There's free delivery for all customers on the UK mainland...
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