Is Our Government Really Not Promoting Cycling?

Is our Government really that dumb not to promote cycling?

It really amazes me that it takes the government so long to catch on to the fact that cycling can help the UK/world on so many levels for example: Continue reading “Is Our Government Really Not Promoting Cycling?”

Kalkhoff Nostalgie Future Classic Bicycle

Kalkhoff Nostalgie Future Classic Bicycle 1
The new Kalkhoff Nostalgie is now available at our new Richmond bicycle store. It’s not electric but with its gorgeous styling and excellent equipment it’s turning out to be quite a head-turner. Available in Mint Green, Black or Brown complete with built-in lock, lights, kickstand and Brooks leather saddle and handgrips, all for £499.

Early feedback indicates that it’s as nice to ride as it is to look at.

Kalkhoff 2010 electric bike availability

Kalkhoff 2010 Electric Bikes
2010 Kalkhoff electric bike production is in full swing. The factory has already produced a variety of bikes from our 2010 order, which means many are now ready for delivery to UK customers, months earlier than was possible last year.We have the entire Pro Connect LX 9-speed range (now keenly priced at £1795 with suspension, hydraulic brakes, Deore LX gears), Pro Connect Alfines, Tasmans, Pro Connect S XTs, some Agattus & Agattu XXLs ready to ship. Check our site for availability on each model – some are in stock now for immediate delivery, others will take a few days to arrive from Germany. Certain models will only be available in very small numbers – the Tasmans, Agattu XXL and Pro Connect LX – so we’d recommend ordering in the next few weeks to ensure you can have the model you want. The all-new Sahel models are due for production later this year, we’ll let you know as soon as we have confirmation.0844 be gone! You can now call us free of charge on 0800 0288 116 We know a lot of people are put off by 0844 numbers, as it’s not always clear what the charges are. Our old 0844 number charged at around 4 pence per minute. To make things simpler, we now have an 0800 number for sales and enquiries. Our new freephone number is 0800 0288 116We’re clearing the last few of each Kalkhoff winter sale bike now. Here’s what’s leftKalkhoff Tasman Electric BikeTasman 8-speed Luxury e-bike premium gears and lock

£200 off Gents Tasman 49cm £1595 Gents Tasman 53cm £1595
Kalkhoff Pro ConnectPro Connect Alfine commuter bike Alfine hub, built for speed

£100 off Gents Pro Connect 49cm £1695 Gents Pro Connect 53cm £1695 Gents Pro Connect 57cm £1695
These are all boxed, brand new bikes with 2-year warranty, new battery. Checked and ready to ride.

NukeLight news 8 out of 10 for NukelightOur latest lighting product, the NukeLight, was reviewed by renowned cycling website, They were impressed by its brightness, lightness and intensity, describing it as a “very capable front light bright enough for commutes, yet light enough for the best bike
Visit our NukeLight page or read the full review at

Sssh! secret Yakkay cover offer. Use code yakkay5 at checkout to save £5 when ordering a helmet or cover

IZIP Via Mezza Enlightened electric folding bike

IZIP Via Mezza Enlightened electric folding bike 2
We’ve a long history of selling folding electric bikes here at 50cycles electric bikes. Back in 2003, we introduced the wonderful Honda Step Compo to customers outside Japan, quickly followed by Panasonic’s WiLL bike (the very first electric bike to be sold in the UK with a Lithium ion battery pack, way back in 2004!).

We sold hundreds of the eZee Quando between 2005 and 2007, but though it offered good hill-climbing performance, it was handicapped by being limited to a single gear and relatively heavy.

So we’re really, really pleased to be able to offer a very good folding electric bicycle once more. It has a high capacity 36V 9Ah Lithium ion battery, twist and go throttle control, 7 speed Shimano gears and an eye-catching alloy frame. It’s called the IZIP Via Mezza Enlightened electric folding bike, designed and manufactured by US-based electric bicycle specialist, Currie. We sold the first one within minutes of it arriving at our warehouse and our test riders all report that it’s the best electric folder we’ve ever had.

We’ve also taken on a couple of other IZIP bikes – the IZIP Via Rapido electric bike – a lightweight, Lithium battery powered, 7-speed Gents commuter bike and the IZIP Tri-Cruiser electric tricycle, a simple but highly effective electric three-wheeler. We’ve sold electric tricycles before, including the eZee Carro and the Agattu electric trike (which we like to call the Majestic Electric). The Tri-Cruiser is half the price of the eZee Carro and about one quarter the cost of the Agattu trike. Like we say, simple, effective and inexpensive.

This trio of new electric bikes marks a return by 50cycles to offering electric bicycles in the budget segment, as well as high-end electric bikes like our superb Kalkhoff range – the Pro Connect S high performance electric bike, the Pro Connect high-speed electric commuter bikes, the Tasman luxury electric bicycle and our best selling bike the Agattu all-round pedelec electric cycle.

The only problem with Kalkhoff bikes is that there is no folding electric bicycle option. So if you’re looking for an electric folding bike that’s fun to ride, reliable and capable, the IZIP Via Mezza Enlightened folding electric bicycle is definitely worth considering. Order your electric bike online or call us on 0844 800 5979(+44 203 355 8850 from outside the UK) today – we offer free delivery in the UK and good international shipping rates.

Casco E.motion cycle helmets for pedelec electric bike riders launched at 50cycles

Casco E.motion cycle helmets for pedelec electric bike riders launched at 50cycles 3

New for the 2009 Season: Casco E.motion pedelec helmets
These are gorgeous, definitely the best-looking and best-designed cycle helmets we’ve seen since the Yakkays arrived last year. Casco have designed the E.motion helmets specifically for electric bicycle riders. The result is a futuristic look, great ventilation, easy fitting and superb safety.

They’re available in three styles and two sizes. Go to our Casco gallery to see larger pictures of each style, plus all-round views and what’s on the inside, where your head will be. Limited stock for now, so first come first served. They’re £120 each including UK delivery.

Ford & Vauxhall announce steep car price rises

The cost of motoring continues to soar, with the prices of new cars soaring just as sales plummet. Basic list price of a new Ford Focus is up £867 to £13,435. This is due to the weakness of Pound Sterling against other currencies, most importantly the Euro, and is hot on the heels of last week’s Government bail-out of the car industry.

Get on your bike for a no-sweat workout

A new study shows that intense exercise for as little as 6 minutes a week has significant health benefits. Bursts of exercise, such as short sprints on your bicycle can help prevent diabetes and heart disease according to Dr Jamie Timmons, and exercise biologist at Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

In simple terms, these intense spurts of activity burn up energy stores in the muscles, allowing more blood sugar to be absorbed and taken out of your system before it damages your body.
So next time you’re out on your electric bike, get the nearest Lycra-clad cyclist in your sights and go hell for leather to catch them up, overtake them and leave them in your slipstream – it’ll do you no end of good.

Spread the cost of ownership with 50cycles finance options

At 50cycles, we understand that none of our customers are the same. You each purchase different products, with different needs in mind and of course prefer to pay in different ways.Because of this, we’ve put together special finance deals that provide customers who prefer not to pay by credit or debit card with an easy and attractive alternative. Finance is the convenient way to get your hands on the electric bike and accessories you want today without breaking the bank! In short, our finance options give you the ability to spread the cost of the products you want now, over a time frame that suits your budget. Read on for more information, including specific examples and your questions answered.Please note that online finance is only an option and should you prefer to pay outright you can checkout in the normal way and pay in full by credit card or debit card.Which finance product is right for you? We currently offer two options (detailed in the table below), both of which are available on orders between £1,000 and £25,000.More information on our website: Electric bike finance options from 50cycles
12 months
Interest free credit
3 year finance
23.9% APR
Kalkhoff Pro Connect S high performance electric bike
2009 Pro Connect S £2,195
£150 deposit then
£170.42 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£77.70 per month
How to apply
Kalkhoff Pro Connect electric bike
2009 Pro Connect £1,795
£150 deposit then
£137.08 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£62.50 per month
How to apply
Kalkhoff Tasman pedelec electric bikes
2009 Tasman £1,695
£150 deposit then
£128.75 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£58.70 per month
How to apply
Kalkhoff Agattu Pedelec Electric Bike
2009 Agattu F £1,425
£150 deposit then
£106.25 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£48.44 per month
How to apply
Kalkhoff Agattu Pedelec Electric Bike
2009 Agattu C £1,395
£150 deposit then
£103.75 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£47.31 per month
How to apply
Kalkhoff Agattu Gents version
2008 Agattu £1295
£150 deposit then
£95.42 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£43.51 per month
How to apply

15% VAT on electric bikes today

We’re already offering electric bikes priced with VAT at the new rate of 15 per cent. 

That means £1263 for an Agattu (was £1295) and £1463 for a Pro Connect (was £1495).
All bikes will be delivered from Monday 1st December onwards, when all Kalkhoff electric bike prices will rise in line with the weakness of the pound against the Euro. So these bikes are less expensive now than they are likely to be for the foreseeable future. Great news if you want to treat yourself or a near and dear person this Christmas!
More details in the latest edition of the 50cycles electric bikes newsletter

Big e-Bike News from Panasonic & Sanyo

Big e-Bike News from Panasonic & Sanyo 4TOKYO, Japan – Panasonic Corp. is in the process of buying Sanyo Electric Co. This is reported today at the Tokyo Stock Exchange where investors scrambled to buy shares from both companies.A merger of the two companies would create not only Japan’s biggest consumer electronics maker by revenue, but also the world’s biggest specialized component maker for e-Bikes.Buying Sanyo would strengthen Panasonic’s battery business and give it a foothold in the fast-growing solar equipment market. Sanyo’s is the world’s top supplier of rechargeable batteries and ranks seventh in solar cells. Earlier this year Sanyo Electric Co introduced an e-Bike with regenerative braking into the Japanese market. Next to complete bikes Sanyo Electric Co also offers e-Bikes systems on an OEM basis, including hub motors.Panasonic Corp. through its subsidiary Panasonic Cycle Technology Co. also markets complete e-Bike systems on an OEM basis which include bracket motors. The company switched this year to lithium-ion batteries and boosted their battery capacity from up to 8 amperes per hour to 10amh. The high quality Panasonic systems are so popular that it was said at this year’s Eurobike Show that Panasonic was already sold out for the remainder of the year.The merger with Sanyo Electric Co. will provide Panasonic Cycle Technology Co. with extra production capacity for e-Bike systems. What is also sure if this merger will be realized, is that it will provide Panasonic with a much wider product range and with the extra production will create the biggest specialized component supplier for e-Bikes.