Kalkhoff are celebrating 90 years of manufacturing bicycles this year, the sort of longevity only comes from consistently staying ahead of the game and producing quality.Kalkhoff bicycle testing centreKalkhoff’s truly state-of-the-art factory in Cloppenburg, Germany produces more than 2,500 bicycles every day, the largest cycle manufacturer in Europe.Decades of cycling know-how are boosted by the latest computer-aided design, testing, manufacturing & quality assurance techniques. We have toured the facility on several occasions and we’re always impressed by the scale and quality of the operation.There are a number of factors that really set these bikes apart from any others on the market, notably the strict testing regime, use of the latest electric bike tech plus superb design and quality of finish.Testing, testing
Every bike produced in Europe has to meet certain quality and testing requirements, but there is a much higher specific requirement in Germany called DIN certification.
In addition, Kalkhoff bikes must also meet their own super-strict DCW (Derby Cycle Werk) standard.This means, for example, twice the hours spent on testing simulators than required by law. Handlebars, forks, frames, pedals, kick stands and more are all individually tested on custom-built machines.This level of quality and attention to detail is simply not available to any other bicycle manufacturer, electric or otherwise. These are the best of the best.Owning a Kalkhoff bike means buying into one of the most impressive manufacturing operations anywhere.Kalkhoff’s buying power also means they are the first to introduce many innovations. The Pro Connect S is the first and still the only electric bike to use Panasonic’s new high power unit and Kalkhoff bikes were among the first to use Busch & Muller’s latest LED light technology. Panasonic’s largest battery pack is also fitted as standard to maximise range and performance.If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in electric bicycle technology, perfectly integrated with what is a superb bicycle by anyone’s standard, electric or not, then you need a Kalkhoff bike.But please, don’t just take our word for it – please read some of the reviews we’ve received from just a few of the thousands of Kalkhoff electric bike owners in the UK.

Battery pack performance

Kalkhoff pedelec panasonic lithium manganese 26V 10A batterypackIn May 2009, A to B magazine reported:After six months of fairly intensive all-weather use, our Kalkhoff Agattu battery hasn’t deteriorated at all.
We estimate the capacity to be 272 Watt hours today, which is slightly ahead of Panasonic’s claimed capacity [260 Watt hours] and exactly the same as when we tested it last October
An electric bike needs a reliable battery to be effective. Kalkhoff electric bikes are built around the tried-and-tested Panasonic Lithium Manganese battery pack and pedelec motor combination.This is proven Lithium battery technology – safe, reliable, lightweight, easy and safe to charge and use. It’s a power source that will assist your cycling for 30-50 miles or more.50cycles began offering bikes based on Panasonic’s Lithium ion system back in 2004, the first company outside Japan to do so, and we were immediately impressed by their lightness and reliability. Some of these earliest Panasonic batteries are only now being replaced, four or more years later.The latest battery pack used in our Kalkhoff bikes is the largest available and boasts even greater battery life and more powerful performance.


Each Kalkhoff electric bicycle comes with a no-nonsense 2 year warranty, including motor and battery.In a market where many electric bike batteries come with a shaky 6-month warranty and dealers who wash their hands of any responsibility the moment the bike leaves their premises, owning a Kalkhoff means years of trouble-free electric cycling.50cycles, UK distributor for Kalkhoff, offers email, telephone and live online technical support. Problems are very rare, so you can expect a rapid and decisive response whenever you deal with us.We’ve lost count of the number of customers who’ve bought one, two, three or more different electric bikes over the years before settling down with a Kalkhoff. One Pro Connect S owner told us recently:

Probably the best e-bike I have owned or ridden. My previous and current bikes include Giant Lafree, Ezee Torq, Ezee Quando, Ezee Forza, Wisper 905se, Cytronex Trek, Kalkhoff Agattu. read more

If you thinking of trying an electric bike, a Kalkhoff should be top of your list. Buy online, visit one of our demonstrators or come and see us in person. We are certain you will be impressed.

Big e-Bike News from Panasonic & Sanyo

Big e-Bike News from Panasonic & Sanyo 1TOKYO, Japan – Panasonic Corp. is in the process of buying Sanyo Electric Co. This is reported today at the Tokyo Stock Exchange where investors scrambled to buy shares from both companies.A merger of the two companies would create not only Japan’s biggest consumer electronics maker by revenue, but also the world’s biggest specialized component maker for e-Bikes.Buying Sanyo would strengthen Panasonic’s battery business and give it a foothold in the fast-growing solar equipment market. Sanyo’s is the world’s top supplier of rechargeable batteries and ranks seventh in solar cells. Earlier this year Sanyo Electric Co introduced an e-Bike with regenerative braking into the Japanese market. Next to complete bikes Sanyo Electric Co also offers e-Bikes systems on an OEM basis, including hub motors.Panasonic Corp. through its subsidiary Panasonic Cycle Technology Co. also markets complete e-Bike systems on an OEM basis which include bracket motors. The company switched this year to lithium-ion batteries and boosted their battery capacity from up to 8 amperes per hour to 10amh. The high quality Panasonic systems are so popular that it was said at this year’s Eurobike Show that Panasonic was already sold out for the remainder of the year.The merger with Sanyo Electric Co. will provide Panasonic Cycle Technology Co. with extra production capacity for e-Bike systems. What is also sure if this merger will be realized, is that it will provide Panasonic with a much wider product range and with the extra production will create the biggest specialized component supplier for e-Bikes.

New A to B magazine reviews the Kalkhoff Pro Connecy

New A to B magazine reviews the Kalkhoff Pro Connecy 2The latest issue of A to B magazine makes our Kalkhoff Pro Connect its cover start and includes a detailed review of the bike inside. We’ve published some extracts on the website – A great machine in a class of its own

“In the UK, where people make most of their journeys by car, electric bikes are paradoxically regarded as ‘cheating’, whereas, presumably, a Ford Galaxy isn’t. A strange attitude, and one we will need to overcome if we are to survive in the Peak Oil era. Kalkhoff’s new Pro Connect is, arguably, the perfect machine for this brave new world. At 21kg (2.5kg battery + 18.5kg bike), it’s one of the lightest electric bikes we’ve seen and really not much heavier than a fully-equipped conventional bike.”