New Casco Ciao, Mini Pro and Warp II helmets now online

This newsletter is also available as a good old fashioned web pageWe’re capping off the year by adding more Casco helmets to our accessories range – a very smart range for grown-up city cyclists called Ciao, four fun styles for smaller but no-less adventurous children and the incredible Gold Medal winning Warp II you may have seen in action in Athens and Beijing.Our attitude to cycle helmets is this: too many helmets look cheap and nasty. In fact many resemble a mushroom that lost a fight in a paint factory and offer similar protection from the unkind British weather. This is neither desirable nor necessary. Our Casco helmets each prove you can be safe, warm and effortlessly stylish at the same time.

Casco Ciao Olive Matt Cycle Helmet

Casco Mini Pro Racer

Casco Warp II Track Cycle Helmet

Casco Ciao Helmets

Casco Mini Pro Kids Helmets

Casco Warp II Track Helmet

And of course, there’s our established range of Casco all-round protective helmets

Casco Spirit Carbon Helmet

Casco BronzOlive-Titan

Casco E.motion Black and Gold pedelec cycle helmet

Casco Spirit Range

Casco’s Masterpiece range

Casco Champ Range

Comfort and protection

Casco E.Motion Range£10 off

Heading to the future, fast

NukeLightUpdate: the Nukelight has proved to be our fastest-selling new product ever. Even faster than the little Spooklight that was so eager to fly off our shelves.
If you’d like to order a NukeLight in time for Christmas, we’d advise doing so soon because they will surely run out at this rate!
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New 50cycles Newsletter – Demonstrator Scheme Launched, Zero Motorcycles test rides and new Casco Eyewear

Kalkhoff Demonstrator Scheme Launched Kalkhoff DemonstratorsThere are now Kalkhoff electric bikes available for demonstration in around 50 locations across the UK. All models are represented and you can find the nearest bike to you using our clever search facility.
If you’d like to find out where you can go for a test ride in your area, all we need is a postcode and we’ll present a list of the nearest demonstrators. And if you decide to order, your demonstrator will give you a code that saves £5 when you order your bike.

Find your nearest demonstrator now
Already own a Kalkhoff? Then join the Demonstrator Club Kalkhoff Demonstrator RewardsIf you’re already a Kalkhoff electric bike owner, we’d be honoured if you decided to register as a demonstrator.
Every sale made as a result of your demonstration is added to your total (we track this through you unique demonstrator code, which saves the customer £5 when they order) and the higher the total, the bigger the reward you can claim. The picture shows some of the items on offer. Interested? Intrigued? Read more at 50cycles Kalkhoff Availability Pro Connect with crossbarThanks to a recent arrival from Germany, we now have the following models available for immediate delivery:
Pro Connect with crossbar in Small 49cm, Medium 53cm and Large 57cm frame sizes.

This is the latest model with 8-speed Alfine gears, B&M LED lights. Price held at £1795. Tasman CrossbarTasman with Crossbar 49cm, 53cm and 57cm frame sizes

The new 2009 model Tasman is available with a crossbar for the first time. Hydraulic brakes, upgraded wheel locking system, suspension and a stylish finish. £1795 These are our among our most popular models and sizes and will fly out of the door in the coming weeks – as a subscriber you’re the first to hear about this delivery. Zero Motorcycle Test Rides Zero S electric motorcycle launch in LondonWe now have a Zero X electric motorcycle available for test rides here in the UK. It’s an amazing machine, as those who witnessed it take to the race track and demonstration area at Presteigne would agree. Maybe it’s our superior British electricity, but the Zero X seems faster and more thrilling now than when we first raced it over in San Jose. Going from 0 to 60mph in less than 2 seconds, it runs off the most energy-dense Lithium power pack in the world and is built around an incredibly light aviation-grade alloy frame. It’s a world class machine that you can test ride and order through 50cycles now. The Zero X will soon be joined in our showroom by the road-legal Zero S Supermoto bike (pictured left), which debuted for the media in London last week. You can book a test ride for either machine on our website or by calling 0844 800 5979. Casco Eyewear & Helmets

Casco E.motion Black and Gold pedelec cycle helmet
E.motion Black & Gold

Casco’s E.motion helmets are brilliant and sales have been brisk. Specially-designed for Electric Bike riders, they’ve also proved popular with regular cyclists, including the Lee Peyton and Garry McKay who are just about to complete their 15 isle, 300 mile charity challenge Casco also offer a range of eyewear for cyclists. As someone who’s had a bumblebee bounce off my eyeball while tearing along on an electric bike, I know how important it is to keep my precious peepers protected against airborne debris. We’ll be posting more details soon, but here’s a sneak preview of some of the styles we’ll be offering. Prices range from £49.99 to £59.99, including UK delivery of course. If you’d like to hear when these are available to order online, please send an email and we will notify you the moment they appear.

Casco SX-20 Competition
Casco SX-40

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Casco E.motion cycle helmets for pedelec electric bike riders launched at 50cycles

Casco E.motion cycle helmets for pedelec electric bike riders launched at 50cycles 1

New for the 2009 Season: Casco E.motion pedelec helmets
These are gorgeous, definitely the best-looking and best-designed cycle helmets we’ve seen since the Yakkays arrived last year. Casco have designed the E.motion helmets specifically for electric bicycle riders. The result is a futuristic look, great ventilation, easy fitting and superb safety.

They’re available in three styles and two sizes. Go to our Casco gallery to see larger pictures of each style, plus all-round views and what’s on the inside, where your head will be. Limited stock for now, so first come first served. They’re £120 each including UK delivery.

50cycles survive Zero Motorcycles 24-hour electricross

14th April 2009
We survived the Zero Motorcycles 24 hour Electricross challenge
Lloyd takes to the air on the Zero X electric motorcycle during the 24 hour race50cycles made a flying visit to California last week to take part in the world’s first all-electric 24-hour motorcycle race in the sunbaked heart of Silicon Valley.
Our bike lasted the distance, completing 879 laps or about 450 miles in the 24 hours, up to a mile of which was off the ground (yes, these bikes can jump!).
The Zero X turned out to be an incredible machine, all we hoped for and more – a satisfyingly chunky 3kW battery pack, a motor that can be cooled by pouring water into it, a stupendous turn of speed and a lightweight, futurisitic design.
Our riders loved it (that’s Lloyd, pictured left, taking to the air on one of the final laps) and no doubt you will too when you come and try out our demo motorbike.
We’ll publish a full account of our trip soon – our initial reports and videos are already online on the 50cycles electric motorbikes website.
Zero S electric motorcycleNew motorbikes around the corner

The Zero X is only the first machine out of the Zero Motorcycles stable. Next up is the road legal Zero S offering the same instant torque and acceleration from a standstill, with a top speed of 60mph, a range of up to 60 miles and a total weight a touch over 100kg including onboard charger, it’s a uniquely powerful all-electric Supermoto machine.
We’ll have both models available to see and test-ride soon. Read more on our website or get in contact with our Zero team. A $1,000 deposit reserves your bike and you can claim $50 off using promotional code MSR-UK-0101.
Twitter - follow 50cycles electric bikes and motorbikes on TwitterThings can only get Twitter II

If you visit our 24-hour race page, you’ll notice that there is a twitter feed below the text and video.
We update this several times a day. The moment something interesting or important happens at 50cycles, in the field of electric vehicles, or in the world in general, we will post it here first.
All you need do is sign up to Twitter with your email, then find us at and click to say you want to follow us. We were all sceptical at first, but it’s turned out to be worthwhile and fun to use, especially with something like Tweetdeck running.
Actually, you don’t even need to sign up oe login to see the news from 50cycles, take a look.
Agattu F promotion continues
Kalkhoff Agattu F pedelec electric bikeKalkhoff’s Agattu F is the first electric bike in the world to feature Panasonic’s new hub motor system.
The Agattu F looks like an Agattu pedelec, rides like an Agattu pedelec and comes with everything you get – lights, mudguards, rack, suspension, built-in lock – you get with an Agattu pedelec. And it also comes with a European-style coaster brake as well as the usual excellent V-brakes.
We have a small number of these bikes earmarked for UK customers left at the introductory price of £1395 – that’s £100 off the current web price and £500 off the manufacturer’s recommended price! Use promotion code agattuf100 when calling 0844 800 5979 or when checking out online. This offer is valid until midnight on 30 April 2009, or until we sell out of them!

Specialist electric bike helmets from Casco

Casco Electric bike helmetCasco Black

We’ve had our eye on these new helmets – designed for electric bike riders and only electric bike riders – for some time.

The Casco E.Motion helmets benefit from a unique sandwich structure (yum) making them extremely lightweight and comfortable, even in warm weather. Like our famous Yakkay helmets, they can be fitted with optional ear covers and come in two sizes:
Small / Medium = 52 – 57 cm (20½ – 22½ inches) – head circumference

Large / X-Large = 58 – 62 cm (22½ – 24½ inches) head circumference

As Casco put it "Pedelec – the new lifestyle of cycling – fast, comfortably and sweat free from A to B"

• New shape & function especially designed for the needs of pedelec cyclists

• Extremely compact and attractive design by Casco with patent pending helmet technology

• Ideal climate regulation all year-round (minimized risk of colds in winter and increased UV-protection during summer)

• Optional earpads for cold season’s use

• Comfortable high-quality interior

• Easy fitting with ergonomic disc control

• Features anti-theft ring for attaching to a lock.
Available in three colour combinations, we’re selling them at the recommended price of £119.99 including UK postage and packing.
If you’d like to order or learn more, just send us an email (no need for a message, a blank email will do) and we’ll notify you the moment we publish the details on our website.
Kalkhoff Panasonic batteries perform very well in long-term battery test
Finally, some great news from A to B magazine’s rigorous battery testers in the current issue:

"After six months of fairly intensive all-weather use, our Kalkhoff Agattu battery hasn’t deteriorated at all. We estimate the capacity to be 272Wh today, which is slightly ahead of Panasonic’s claimed capacity [260Wh] and exactly the same as when we tested it last October"

This is excellent news for Kalkhoff pedelec owners – your batteries are all that we and Panasonic claim them to be and more.
That’s it for now – further news about the Zero motorcycles event and much more to come…
The 50cycles Team