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  1. Orbea Electric Bikes Arrival

    Orbea Electric Bikes Arrival

    A surprise delivery of our first 2019 Orbea bikes this morning! One was for a customer's pre-order the others are in stock and ready to buy.

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  2. BESV PS1 | Lightest electric bike with Carbon Frame

    BESV PS1 | Lightest electric bike with Carbon Frame
    We're often asked "so what's your lightest electric bike?" and "sounds great - how heavy is it?" Seems weight is a big factor for people buying an electric bike, up there with price and range. Most of our e-bikes weigh in well over 20kg. A couple of this year's dual-battery models tipped the scales nearer 30kg. Even that's light compared...
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  3. An electric bike Christmas

    christmas electric bike wrapped Only problem is getting it down the chimney

    Melanie Reid writes in today's Times about how electric bikes are emerging as a favourite gift this Christmas.

    "When things come in clusters, you know you have a trend on your hands. Randomly, at least three girlfriends have announced they want an electric bike for Christmas."

    She continues with a brisk summary of the benefits of electric bikes: how the rider feels younger, is transported back in time to the youthful joy of cycling, "the feeling of being nine years old again and everything works". Continue reading

  4. Electric bike size guide

    Here's a quick electric bike size guide that will help you match a Kalkhoff electric bike frame size to your height. Continue reading

  5. Our end-of-season electric bike sale continues this week £500 off our Can-Do folding electric bikeup to £300 off our renowned Kalkhoff electric bicyclesfree Spooklight with the Agattu in this salewe've slashed the prices of two IZIP modelsand shaved £10 off Casco's E.Motion helmetsvisit the 50cycles Winter Sale Page to see all the offersMagnificent Christmas gifts or thrillingly substantial end-of-year treats...
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  6. 15% VAT on electric bikes today

    We're already offering electric bikes priced with VAT at the new rate of 15 per cent. That means £1263 for an Agattu (was £1295) and £1463 for a Pro Connect (was £1495).All bikes will be delivered from Monday 1st December onwards, when all Kalkhoff electric bike prices will rise in line with the weakness of the pound against the Euro. So...
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  7. Electric bikes at London Eco Shop

    Great news for Londoners - you can see, ride and order our electric bikes at Our Eco Shop, 303 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill between now and Christmas.Occupying a beautiful premises near Portobello Road, the shop is yards from the Paul Smith store and dozens of other boutiques, restaurants and antique dealers.The immediate area warrants a day trip itself. Why not...
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