What is an electric bicycle?

What is an electric bicycle?
What is an electric bicycle?

The New Wheel in San Francisco have produced this super little video that shows how an e-bike can have a powerful effect – improving your quality of life, your mood, your health and give you freedom you just do not get using public transport, schlepping around on foot or stuck in another traffic jam. Continue reading “What is an electric bicycle?”

7 Reasons to Get Your Bum in The Saddle

As a hobby, cycling is one of the most cost-effective, healthy and social you could possibly choose. Not only that, but it can also be worked into your day-to-day life, as an alternative mode of transport for the daily commute for example, or as an activity you can share with your friends and family. There are no really convincing reasons not to get involved in cycling, especially with modern advances in technology meaning it’s now just as, if not more safe than driving. But there are plenty of reasons to convince even the most stubborn of us to saddle up. Continue reading “7 Reasons to Get Your Bum in The Saddle”

Five Gorgeous Bike Trails and Routes for the Bank Holiday Weekends

With Summer merely months away, the Easter holiday already upon us, and the cost of holidays abroad skyrocketing to heights that few young families can logistically afford, the idea of getting away for a long weekend (or even a whole week) for a relaxing break in the great British countryside might very well be on many minds. Continue reading “Five Gorgeous Bike Trails and Routes for the Bank Holiday Weekends”

Is Our Government Really Not Promoting Cycling?

Is our Government really that dumb not to promote cycling?

It really amazes me that it takes the government so long to catch on to the fact that cycling can help the UK/world on so many levels for example: Continue reading “Is Our Government Really Not Promoting Cycling?”

NukeLight focused photonic technology launches

Nukelight high intensity USB Chargeable cycle light
Most bike lamps on the market rely on a reflecting light cup to focus the beam, but this only focuses the central part, leaving the remaining light energy to disperse uselessly.

We set ourselves the task of producing the ultimate light beam from a light, convenient, rechargeable unit. First we experimented with a single lens but the performance was still not good with shadowing and dimming around the edges. Next, we tried many lense and LED combinations before finally succeeding with a novel photonic arrangment of 6 lenses. This removed all the faults and produced a an intensely perfect beam with even lighting across its width.

Nukelight LED cycle lights beam intensity demonstrationIncredibly, there is only a single 3 Watt LED at work here but the light intensity emitted through our lenses reaches up to 540 lumens within 1 meter. We’ve also maximised performance and battery life by using a novel heat-sink structure around the LED, which promotes optimal energy efficency and maximum light output from each charge.

Together these advances make the NukeLight uniquely compact, powerful and (at around the half the price of lamps of comparable brightness) relatively inexpensive.

Treehugger feature the Spooklight – A Little Flash of Genius

Treehugger feature the Spooklight - A Little Flash of Genius 1

Treehugger.com say: “Using technology similar to an iPhone, the Spooklight relies upon a three-axis accelerator to determine when the bike is slowing down. It then displays central rear red LED brake lights to alert other road users.”

“At face value it appears like a good deal. Lord knows, nighttime cyclists need all the help they can get to be seen.”

Winkku safety mirror and indicator for cyclists

Winkku safety mirror and indicator for cyclists 2We first spotted the Winkku at last October’s London Cycle Show as their stall was opposite our own. We just knew we had to offer them to our customers. 

It’s a compact little unit that combines a rear-view mirror, turn indicator and nighttime running lights. Being aware of approaching traffic and being visible other road users are the keys to cycle safety, so we really recommend them to all our customers. 
They’re easy to fit to any of the bikes in our range and we even include the three Duracell AA batteries you’ll need to get started, all for £29.95 including UK delivery. 
Read more about the Winklu at 50cycles electric bikes.

Fuel prices drive cars off the roads

The Independent newspaper reports that the credit crunch and high cost of running a car have conspired to produce the first drop in traffic since records of congestion began. These figures only cover motorways and trunk roads, but may be hint at clearer roads and thriftier driving everywhere, which will hopefully mean fewer accidents, cleaner air and greater proportion of road users being cyclists.

It’s been shown that the proportion of accidents involving cyclists decreases as the number of cyclists increases, as motorists expect to encounter them and drive accordingly. And of course, more cyclists means more motorists are part-time cyclists too, which will hopefully mean more sympathetic driving when they’re back behind the wheel.

Whichever way you cut it, it’s good news as long as you don’t enjoy crawling along congested roads.