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  1. The Cycle Show 2016 Preview

    50cycles at Cycle Show 2016, Birmingham NEC

    We're exhibiting at the Cycle Show 2016 at Birmingham's NEC and we're bringing more bikes to see and test ride than ever before.

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  2. Electric Mountain Bike Review

    Focus Thron 2.0 electric mountain bike at Devil's Dyke near Brighton
    We've always put electric bike reviews at the centre of our website. I remember the first review we ever received, from one of our Honda Step Compo owners, back in 2003. But this one is one of the best.

    So that’s how 500 miles feels, in a little under 8 weeks I have covered this distance since taking delivery of my Focus electric mountain bike. Continue reading

  3. Kalkhoff Integrale E-Bike Reviews & Winter Clearance Offers


    It's Kalkhoff's flagship model for 2016 and it's making new owners very happy.

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  4. Kalkhoff Impulse and Bosch electric bike comparison

    The Impulse and Bosch motor systems debuted around the same time several years ago and both have gone on to dominate the high quality electric bike market. They're both highly versatile e-bike systems, powering commuter e-bikes, power-assisted mountain bikes and comfortable town bikes.

    Both systems are into the second and third generations now, with increases in power as well as functional and ergonomic improvements. The latest versions even offer on-board navigation systems.

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  5. Electric bikes safer in London

    Kalkhoff Integrale LTD A good electric bike will carry you across London in safety and style. Photo source: Kalkhoff.

    What makes electric bikes safer in London?

    My experience of riding both electric bikes and pedal cycles, as well as conversations with other ebike riders, offers an answer: Yes, emphatically so. E-bikes are safer, faster and more fun. Continue reading

  6. What is an electric bicycle?

    What is an electric bicycle? What is an electric bicycle?

    The New Wheel in San Francisco have produced this super little video that shows how an e-bike can have a powerful effect - improving your quality of life, your mood, your health and give you freedom you just do not get using public transport, schlepping around on foot or stuck in another traffic jam. Continue reading

  7. 50cycles Kalkhoff electric bike spares shop opens

    50cycles electric bikes have just launched their new Kalkhoff electric bikes spares shop on their website featuring all the products you'll need to keep your Kalkhoff electric bicycle (or, indeed, your Gitane, Giant Lafree, Monark, BH E-Motion, Helkama, Rixe, Focus, Gazelle, Biketech Flyer, or Rixe electric bike) on the road. There's free delivery for all customers on the UK mainland...
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  8. Kalkhoff are celebrating 90 years of manufacturing bicycles this year, the sort of longevity only comes from consistently staying ahead of the game and producing quality.Kalkhoff's truly state-of-the-art factory in Cloppenburg, Germany produces more than 2,500 bicycles every day, the largest cycle manufacturer in Europe.Decades of cycling know-how are boosted by the latest computer-aided design, testing, manufacturing & quality assurance...
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  9. New 50cycles Newsletter - Demonstrator Scheme Launched, Zero Motorcycles test rides and new Casco Eyewear

    Kalkhoff Demonstrator Scheme Launched There are now Kalkhoff electric bikes available for demonstration in around 50 locations across the UK. All models are represented and you can find the nearest bike to you using our clever search facility. If you'd like to find out where you can go for a test ride in your area, all we need is a...
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  10. Dutch keep on buying expensive electric bikes

    Electric bikes accounted for a whopping 29% of turnover in the Dutch cycle trade in 2008, according to the national bicycle dealer association. They are now the dominant money-maker in many cycle shops.Sales of regular bikes in €700-€800 suffered as a result, as customers spend their money on higher-priced electric models instead.Total sales for electric bikes in the Netherlands are...
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