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  1. 50cyles Jobs: Sales Superstars for our Electric Bike Showrooms

    Position: Sales Superstars for Fast-Growing Electric Bike Leader
    Salary: £16,000 basic + commissions, £24,000 OTE

    We're a leading player in the fastest-growing segment of the bicycle market. We have showrooms in four locations and there are now Sales vacancies in our Bristol, Loughborough and South West London branches. Continue reading

  2. 6 Reasons Electric Cyclists Feel Safer (and 1 Reason Why They Don't)

    There’s been much discussion about making the nation’s roads safer for all cyclists. A series of accidents and resulting campaigns has put it at the forefront of public debate all Autumn. At 50cycles we have thousands of customers to call on for their opinions so we asked them to take part in a survey concerned with one central questions: are electric bikes safer to ride than normal bikes? Continue reading

  3. New Interest-Free Electric Bike Finance & Calculator

    The 50cycles website has evolved continuously throughout this year but one of the most important changes has been the upgrading of our interest-free electric bike finance options. Four great new things have happened. Continue reading

  4. New 2014 Range...

    Interested to know what's on offer in 50cycles new 2014 range of Electric bikes? Read on, or check out our latest Kalkhoff Ebike Catalogue. Continue reading

  5. Electric Bike Sales in the EU and Asia [Infographic]

    Here at 50cycles, we know that the popularity of electric bikes in the UK is increasing. Every day, more and more people are coming round to the electric way of life. But what about the rest of the world? This infographic showcases the growth of electric bike sales from 2008 - 2012, and highlight some interesting statistics that you might not have guessed. Continue reading

  6. Are Electric Bikes Cheating?


    It was suggested today by a Lycra clad cyclist when stopping at the shop that Electric Bikes are cheating.

    "Cheating what?" I ask. Continue reading

  7. By Turbo Bob's ...

    We were delighted when Turbo Bob Mentioned that the Kalkhoff bike was one of the best ebikes he has ever ridden using the N360 gearing system. Continue reading

  8. AtoB Magazine

    This Electric Bike Magazine rocks!

    It is the NME of the Electric bike world. Continue reading

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