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  1. Kalkhoff Pro Connect climbs the Alpe d'Huez

    Great Display of Kalkhoff power up one of the toughest climbs on the Tour de France circuit. Here's Lloyd's account of his very own mountain stage.
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  2. Kalkhoff electric bike hire in Richmond Park

    Richmond Park's 2,000 acres includes some of the finest cycling in the UK. Miles of roads and dedicated tracks take in rolling woodland and open grassland dotted with pretty ponds. There are panoramic views across London, roaming herds of deer and several bustling cafés. It's a cycling nirvana. All that and now - for the first time - our electric...
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  3. New A to B magazine reviews the Kalkhoff Pro Connecy

    The latest issue of A to B magazine makes our Kalkhoff Pro Connect its cover start and includes a detailed review of the bike inside. We've published some extracts on the website - A great machine in a class of its own"In the UK, where people make most of their journeys by car, electric bikes are paradoxically regarded as ‘cheating’...
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  4. Tour de Presteigne 2008 electric bike rally report

    Tour de Presteigne 2008 electric bike rally report
    We're back from our third outing to the Tour de Presteigne event.This year's two-day event felt busier and better than ever. The exhibition was focused around a large geodesic dome in the town's green and pleasant industrial estate while the race was held in the town centre with a twisting, turning course centred around Broad Street.Last year's event was marred...
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  5. Power-assisted bicycles good for the heart?

    There is some evidence that using an electric bike in power-assist mode is a useful form of exercise. Power-assisted cycling allows the rider to stay in a zone of useful aerobic exercise for extended periods of time; pedalling a normal bike brings a higher heart rate, but this cannot be maintained by many riders and may even be harmful (or...
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