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Hello again from the 50cycles team, As well as a new look for our email bulletin we have several new products to announce this time around.
We’re also able to offer Next Day Delivery on most Kalkhoff models if ordered on a working weekday before 1:30pm. This applies to Kalkhoff Agattus in the 45, 49 (both step-thru only) and 53cm frame size (step-thru and gents model), as well as the 53cm Pro Connect. The Kalkhoff Agattu 53cm is still priced at £1250 (compared to £1325 for other sizes), but this will increase to the usual £1325 in the very near future…

Agattu electric tricycleAgattu Pedelec Tricycle

The Agattu pedelec is renowned as one of the very best electric bicycles ever made. Now a Norwegian company has gone one wheel better by modifying the Agattu for extra stability. A warning though – it’s not cheap! Agattu pedelec trike

Agattu XXL pedelec bicycleAgattu Pedelec XXL

A question we’re sometimes asked is ‘am I too heavy to use one of your bikes?’ The answer has arrived in the shape of the XXL version of the Agattu. It’s reinforced frame, wheels and forks will happily carry a riders who weigh up to 170kg (27 stone) Agattu XXL pedelec

Ego Electric Street ScootaEgo Electric Street Scoota

The Street Scoota has had a lot of coverage lately because it offers decent electric motorcycle performance at a good price. With a top speed of 30mph and a range of up to 40 miles, it’s another smart way to get around town without costing the Earth. Ego Electric Street Scoota

Univega Tandem CompanionUnivega Tandem Companion

The factory that produces all our Kalkhoff bicycles also manufactures the Univega brand. One of the models we’ve selected is the Tandem Companion – a 24-speed two-seater for less than £700. Univega Tandem Companion

Lloyd on a Pro Connect climbing Alpe d'HuezPro Connect in Europe

Extra Energy have released annual test results of all the leading models of electric bikes for a number of years now. This year has seen their most extensive test yet, with 28 models scrutinised over 9 months.
The Kalkhoff Pro Connect was awarded the highest ‘Very Good’ rating for its range, power and build quality. The Agattu also received a ‘Very Good’ and was cited as the best value bike among all those in the test. Full results published in English soon.In other European news, Lloyd (above) of 50cycles rode an off-the-shelf Pro Connect up the infamous 21 turns mountain section of the Alpe d’Huez Tour de France stage. This involved a climb of 1,150 metres over 13 kilometres, with many hairpin bends along the way, a route that is considered a real test for professional cyclists. The Pro Connect just ate it up with no stops, even with Lloyd’s 15 stone aboard! Read Lloyd’s own account of the ascent

US deliveries

USA flag - we now deliver electric bikes to the StatesWe can now deliver Kalkhoff electric bikes to customers in the USA and Canada. Call +44 844 800 5979 or order online – once you select your country of residence, our system will automatically deduct UK VAT (local sales tax of 17.5%) and add US shipping. We’ve already delivered our first few bikes to customers in Oregon and Texas.

There’s nothing we like better than a good customer testimonial

As more and more of our electric bikes are being delivered, we’re receiving some very positive reports from new owners. So we’ve published a selection on our website. If you’re a new owner, we’d love to hear from you and add you to the hall of fame.

Pro Connect in Richmond Park sunshineRichmond Park test rides

This summer you can hire electric bikes in Richmond Park for the first time. We’ve supplied a small fleet of Kalkhoff Agattus and Pro Connects to the cycle hire facility in Roehampton Gate car park It’s open every day, with free parking. And if you try a bike and decide to buy, we’ll deduct the cost of hiring from your bill. Richmond Park electric bicycle hire

Brochure download

Download 50cycles Kalkhoff electric bike brochure as an Adobe Acrobat PDF We’ve compiled specifications and reviews for our two main Kalkhoff electric bike models into a single document for you to download, print and read in the comfort of your favourite armchair. Download it here

Panasonic system

Panasonic Logo - ideas for lifeThe Panasonic system has turned out to be the most efficient, reliable and useful electric bike power system around. Read more about the thinking behind it and why it compares so well against other systems.
It’s like broadband for your bike

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Electric Street Scoota launched on

Electric Street Scoota launched on 1
We were offered a demonstration of an exciting new electric scooter recently. We have a lot of these approaches and mostly turn them down because for one reason or other they don’t quite fit in with the 50cycles ethos.

So what was so exciting? Well, the new Street Scoota electric motor scooter offers the performance, build quality and looks of electric scooters twice the price or more. The importers tell us that they tested and refined their scooters for a long time before deciding they were ready for launch in the UK. The result is neat little machine that can cover up to 40 miles on a charge, with a top speed of 30mph and simple throttle operation, all for £995*.

Being a fully-fledged motor vehicle (no pedals on this baby), it requires registration plates (which is taken care of for you after purchase) and insurance. But other than that, it’s very, very cheap to run. As little as 0.2p per mile for a very capable electric vehicle. As for road tax, being electric it’s zero-rated and there is of course no congestion charge to pay, should you ever find yourself in the zone. No special licence or training is required for anyone who passed their test before 1 Feb 2001, so there’s little to stop you hopping on and having fun.

We’ll have a Street Scoota available for demonstration at 50cycles Loughborough headquarters shortly.

* plus delivery and registration