Feburary 12th 2007

Well, what an eventful day.
Woke up early, worked hard, went to bed.

One thing did catch my eye though was Channel 4 news regarding democracy and implying what a load of rubbish the current system is. Voting every four years for one party’s policies of the future which usually turn out to be so different to what actually happens.

Surely with such modern Technologies to hand we should look seriously at how democracy works today. The best way to be democratic is for anyone who is interested in the proposed topic and has some expertise in the policy in question should be allowed to vote through the various media technologies available to us now such as the Internet, Red Button on Sky or Telephone.

The way we now run our Government and Politics is so ancient that if business was run in this way nowadays we would still rely on carrier Pigeons, Faxes and Filing cabinets.
I hope the Generation of the future can spot this indifference in the ways of the world and the way politics is run. A cross in a voting booth. What a futuristic world we live in!

Today is a Ecycle tommorow is tricsure!