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  1. An electric bike Christmas

    christmas electric bike wrapped Only problem is getting it down the chimney

    Melanie Reid writes in today's Times about how electric bikes are emerging as a favourite gift this Christmas.

    "When things come in clusters, you know you have a trend on your hands. Randomly, at least three girlfriends have announced they want an electric bike for Christmas."

    She continues with a brisk summary of the benefits of electric bikes: how the rider feels younger, is transported back in time to the youthful joy of cycling, "the feeling of being nine years old again and everything works". Continue reading

  2. Top Grades for Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

    News of more awards for the Kalkhoff range of electric bikes reached us this afternoon.ExtraEnergy - the non-profit organisation which supports the development of personal electric transport and runs annual reviews of electric bicycles - have just awarded the prizes for the best Pedelecs at the Tai Pei cycling show. The Kalkhoff Pro Connect picked up the award for best...
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  3. New 50cycles Newsletter - Demonstrator Scheme Launched, Zero Motorcycles test rides and new Casco Eyewear

    Kalkhoff Demonstrator Scheme Launched There are now Kalkhoff electric bikes available for demonstration in around 50 locations across the UK. All models are represented and you can find the nearest bike to you using our clever search facility. If you'd like to find out where you can go for a test ride in your area, all we need is a...
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  4. Latest news and offers from 50cycles electric bikes

    To sign up for our email newsletter, go to 50cycles electric bikes home pageHello again from the 50cycles team,It's been a few weeks and we've built up a backlog of newsbits, covering a new Winkku option, the Panasonic throttle kit, good news on 2009 Kalkhoff availability, £100 off the new Agattu F for subscribers, national recognition for one of our team and reviews of our Univega range.Left hand...
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  5. Observations of an unenthusiastic cyclist

    Observations of an unenthusiastic cyclist
    Teresa Ridout works at A to B, the inimitable alternative transport magazine that has done more to establish and report on electric bikes than any other publication. It's an entertaining read, we do recommend you subscribe!Anyway... Teresa's been riding an Agattu for the past couple of months and, though reluctant to leave the car behind at first, she's now a...
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  6. Kalkhoff Agattu XXL - the electric bike for BIG riders

    Kalkhoff like to do things properly, so as well offering their electric bikes in a choice of two frame styles in four different sizes, they also manufacture the Agattu XXL for riders who weigh up to 170kg or nearly 27 stone. The frame, wheels and forks are all reinforced, but it looks just like a regular Agattu.More information on our...
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