An electric bike Christmas

christmas electric bike wrapped
Only problem is getting it down the chimney

Melanie Reid writes in today’s Times about how electric bikes are emerging as a favourite gift this Christmas.

“When things come in clusters, you know you have a trend on your hands. Randomly, at least three girlfriends have announced they want an electric bike for Christmas.”

She continues with a brisk summary of the benefits of electric bikes: how the rider feels younger, is transported back in time to the youthful joy of cycling, “the feeling of being nine years old again and everything works”. Continue reading “An electric bike Christmas”

Top Grades for Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

Kalkhoff Pro Connect electric bikeNews of more awards for the Kalkhoff range of electric bikes reached us this afternoon.ExtraEnergy – the non-profit organisation which supports the development of personal electric transport and runs annual reviews of electric bicycles – have just awarded the prizes for the best Pedelecs at the Tai Pei cycling show. The Kalkhoff Pro Connect picked up the award for best bike in the ‘Easy Pedelec’ category, while the Agattu XXL picked up the trophy in the ‘Touring Pedelec’ category.The Pro Connect was named as ‘the best daily companion’ by the judges, who underlined the balanced handling, high-end specification and finely-adjusted motor performance, which they concluded would guarantee mobility in everyday life.ExtraEnergy also named the Kalkhoff Agattu XXL as the best ‘Tour-Pedelec’ because of its comfortable handling, the ergonomically optimised seating position and the fact that long distances wouldn’t be a problem. Its robust construction, suitable for even heavier riders, was also recognised as a sign of the promise of this high quality bike.Matthias Seidler, CEO of Derby Cycle, the manufactuer of the Kalkhoff bikes, said after the ceremony “For us, the award is a confirmation of our good work. We are especially happy to be awarded for our road capability as well as for our qualities in touring. That’s backing for our concept of creating the perfect bike for everyone.”Kalkhoff Agattu XXL electric bikeThe Kalkhoff Agattu XXL has also received the highest marks from ADAC, the German automobile association, in their latest edition of ADAC Motorwelt magazine. The renowned institution, with over 16 million members, called it a “powerful comfort bike”. In the field of ten bikes tested, Agattu XXL reached the top grade (1,3) for easy handling as well as upright seating position an comfortable driving. The reviewers also praised its “medium weight, comfortable city and tours Pedelec with sturdy frame and excellent running properties, suitable for high load capacity, easy-to-use, relatively spontaneously engaging drive, good facilities, good acting hydraulic brakes, good ride comfort thanks to fork and seat post suspension. Simple battery handling, good manual with valuable tips. On the whole, good value for money.”

New 50cycles Newsletter – Demonstrator Scheme Launched, Zero Motorcycles test rides and new Casco Eyewear

Kalkhoff Demonstrator Scheme Launched Kalkhoff DemonstratorsThere are now Kalkhoff electric bikes available for demonstration in around 50 locations across the UK. All models are represented and you can find the nearest bike to you using our clever search facility.
If you’d like to find out where you can go for a test ride in your area, all we need is a postcode and we’ll present a list of the nearest demonstrators. And if you decide to order, your demonstrator will give you a code that saves £5 when you order your bike.

Find your nearest demonstrator now
Already own a Kalkhoff? Then join the Demonstrator Club Kalkhoff Demonstrator RewardsIf you’re already a Kalkhoff electric bike owner, we’d be honoured if you decided to register as a demonstrator.
Every sale made as a result of your demonstration is added to your total (we track this through you unique demonstrator code, which saves the customer £5 when they order) and the higher the total, the bigger the reward you can claim. The picture shows some of the items on offer. Interested? Intrigued? Read more at 50cycles Kalkhoff Availability Pro Connect with crossbarThanks to a recent arrival from Germany, we now have the following models available for immediate delivery:
Pro Connect with crossbar in Small 49cm, Medium 53cm and Large 57cm frame sizes.

This is the latest model with 8-speed Alfine gears, B&M LED lights. Price held at £1795. Tasman CrossbarTasman with Crossbar 49cm, 53cm and 57cm frame sizes

The new 2009 model Tasman is available with a crossbar for the first time. Hydraulic brakes, upgraded wheel locking system, suspension and a stylish finish. £1795 These are our among our most popular models and sizes and will fly out of the door in the coming weeks – as a subscriber you’re the first to hear about this delivery. Zero Motorcycle Test Rides Zero S electric motorcycle launch in LondonWe now have a Zero X electric motorcycle available for test rides here in the UK. It’s an amazing machine, as those who witnessed it take to the race track and demonstration area at Presteigne would agree. Maybe it’s our superior British electricity, but the Zero X seems faster and more thrilling now than when we first raced it over in San Jose. Going from 0 to 60mph in less than 2 seconds, it runs off the most energy-dense Lithium power pack in the world and is built around an incredibly light aviation-grade alloy frame. It’s a world class machine that you can test ride and order through 50cycles now. The Zero X will soon be joined in our showroom by the road-legal Zero S Supermoto bike (pictured left), which debuted for the media in London last week. You can book a test ride for either machine on our website or by calling 0844 800 5979. Casco Eyewear & Helmets

Casco E.motion Black and Gold pedelec cycle helmet
E.motion Black & Gold

Casco’s E.motion helmets are brilliant and sales have been brisk. Specially-designed for Electric Bike riders, they’ve also proved popular with regular cyclists, including the Lee Peyton and Garry McKay who are just about to complete their 15 isle, 300 mile charity challenge Casco also offer a range of eyewear for cyclists. As someone who’s had a bumblebee bounce off my eyeball while tearing along on an electric bike, I know how important it is to keep my precious peepers protected against airborne debris. We’ll be posting more details soon, but here’s a sneak preview of some of the styles we’ll be offering. Prices range from £49.99 to £59.99, including UK delivery of course. If you’d like to hear when these are available to order online, please send an email and we will notify you the moment they appear.

Casco SX-20 Competition
Casco SX-40

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Latest news and offers from 50cycles electric bikes

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Hello again from the 50cycles team,It’s been a few weeks and we’ve built up a backlog of newsbits, covering a new Winkku optionthe Panasonic throttle kit, good news on 2009 Kalkhoff availability£100 off the new Agattu F for subscribers, national recognition for one of our team and reviews of our Univega range.
Left hand Winkku coming soonWinkku cycle safety mirrorThe Winkku cycle safety mirror, with its built-in lights and clever design, proved to be more popular than we expected after revealing it in the previous newsletter.If you’ve held out for the left-hand version, we have good news. Winkku will literally come up with the goods at the end of this month and we’re taking orders for left hand units now.Order yours from 50cycles and we’ll throw in postage and the 3 Duracell batteries you’ll need free of charge. Read more on our site at Winkku Cycle Safety Mirror, Indicator and LightsPanasonic throttle kitDid you know it’s possible to fit a throttle on your Kalkhoff pedelec bicycle?Kalkhoff Panasonic Thumb ThrottleOK, it won’t quite let you whizz along at the top speed of 15mph, but it will propel the bike at a brisk walking pace without any pedalling. The idea is to help you wheel the bike along, perhaps when walking the bike uphill. But of course, it can also scoot you along at a leisurely pace if you wish.Price will be £49.50 pre-fitted to a new bike or £44.50 for a DIY kit, including P&P and photo-illustrated printed fitting instructions.We want to check how popular this option is likely to be before we place an order, so just send us an email if you’re interested.

2009 Kalkhoff electric bike availabilityMany 2009 Kalkhoff electric models are either in stock now for next day delivery or available within 7-10 days of your order.2009 Kalkhoff Tasman Pedelec GentsThe latest news we’ve had from Kalkhoff is that all model and size variations are scheduled to be available by the end of April, with most bikes in production now or in the next couple of weeks.Early demand for 2009 versions of ‘simply the best all-round electric bikes you can buy’ (according to the current issue of A to B magazine) has been very strong.We expect to sell out of some bikes (notably the newTasman crossbar (left) and Agattu XXL) in the next couple of months. Any orders placed now will secure against any future price rises if the Euro continues to strengthen against the pound.Agattu F with Panasonic’s hub motor systemKalkhoff Agattu F pedelec electric bikeKalkhoff’s Agattu F is the first electric bike in the world to feature Panasonic’s new hub motor system.The Agattu F looks like an Agattu pedelec, rides like an Agattu pedelec and comes with everything you get – lights, mudguards, rack, suspension, built-in lock – you get with an Agattu pedelec. And it also comes with a European-style coaster brake as well as the usual excellent V-brakes.This means you can apply the rear brake simply by back-pedalling, which is how most cyclists get on in Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere. Coaster brakes are not possible with the standard Agattu crank motor set up.

We have a small number of these bikes earmarked for UK customers at the introductory price of £1395 – that’s £100 off the current web price and £500 off the manufacturer’s recommended price! There are only about three dozen of these bikes coming to these shores. At this price, it’s the least expensive Kalkhoff pedelec you’ll see this year.Use promotion code agattuf100 when calling 0844 800 5979 or when checking out online. This offer is valid until midnight on 31 March 2009, or until we sell out of them!Lloyd of 50cycles competing in the World Brompton Championship at Blen50cycles’ Lloyd Clarkson selected as a rising star in cyclingWe’re proud to announce that this month’s Bike Biz magazine features our own Lloyd ‘Eco Knievel‘ Clarkson (left) as one of its 30 rising stars under 30 years of age.If you call 50cycles, more often than not it’ll be Lloyd who picks up the phone.The photo to the left shows Lloyd competing in last Summer’s Brompton World Championship Race at Blenheim Palace. He completed most of the course on one wheel for some reason. But though he likes to make some things difficult for himself, he’s good at making things easy for our customers.He doesn’t wear that outfit all of the time, by the way.Did you know Univega mountain and road bikes are made in the same factory as Kalkhoff electric bikes?Univega Ram ES-970Kalkhoff bikes roll out of the same German factory as well known quality cycle brands like Focus, Diamondback, Raleigh and Univega.What they all have in common are high quality components, attractive design and competitive pricing. They ride like a dream and that’s why we jumped at the chance to offer a selection of Univega’s 2009 range through 50cycles’ sister site, We knew the Kalkhoff bikes were great and it turns out the Univegas are too.A recent review called the Univega Ram ES-970 (left) ‘the dog’s danglers’ (that’s a very good thing apparently!), impressing the reviewers with its ‘spec sheet to die for’ and a ‘not-so-alarming price tag’.Like our Kalkhoff bikes, all Univega models are eligible for our interest-free credit and classic finance options. More and more highly positive reviews are coming in, so if you know any mountain bikers or road racers, a Univega bike is something they should seriously consider.Hold on… is that Spring in the air?The 50cycles Team

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Observations of an unenthusiastic cyclist

Observations of an unenthusiastic cyclist 1 Teresa Ridout works at A to B, the inimitable alternative transport magazine that has done more to establish and report on electric bikes than any other publication. It’s an entertaining read, we do recommend you subscribe!

Anyway… Teresa’s been riding an Agattu for the past couple of months and, though reluctant to leave the car behind at first, she’s now a firm advocate for the benefits of good, comfortable, reliable electric bike like the little Kalkhoff. A convert. We are thrilled, not least because her report is one of the clearest accounts of the many advantages of taking an electric bike out in town.

The latest edition was only published today, but David Henshaw gave us permission to publish Teresa’s article in full on our website.

So here it is, as a downloadable PDF file

Kalkhoff Agattu XXL – the electric bike for BIG riders

Kalkhoff like to do things properly, so as well offering their electric bikes in a choice of two frame styles in four different sizes, they also manufacture the Agattu XXL for riders who weigh up to 170kg or nearly 27 stone. The frame, wheels and forks are all reinforced, but it looks just like a regular Agattu.

More information on our website Kalkhoff Agattu XXL pedelec electric bikes