Electric Mountain Bike Review

Electric Mountain Bike Review 1
Focus Thron 2.0 electric mountain bike at Devil’s Dyke near Brighton
We’ve always put electric bike reviews at the centre of our website. I remember the first review we ever received, from one of our Honda Step Compo owners, back in 2003. But this one is one of the best.

So that’s how 500 miles feels, in a little under 8 weeks I have covered this distance since taking delivery of my Focus electric mountain bike. Continue reading “Electric Mountain Bike Review”

Ex-Display Electric Bikes

Ex-Display Electric Bikes

London Electric Bike Showroom
Electric bike showroom in East Sheen, London

We’re clearing last season’s Kalkhoff and Focus ex-display electric bikes from our showrooms, so it’s a great time to pick up a bargain for yourself, a relative or friend.

Some of these bikes have no miles at all, some have a few dozen and a small number have clocked up hundreds of miles in short test rides. They’ve all been regularly cleaned, checked and serviced. Continue reading “Ex-Display Electric Bikes”

Kalkhoff Integrale E-Bike Reviews & Winter Clearance Offers


It’s Kalkhoff’s flagship model for 2016 and it’s making new owners very happy.

Continue reading “Kalkhoff Integrale E-Bike Reviews & Winter Clearance Offers”

Kalkhoff Impulse and Bosch electric bike comparison

The Impulse and Bosch motor systems debuted around the same time several years ago and both have gone on to dominate the high quality electric bike market. They’re both highly versatile e-bike systems, powering commuter e-bikes, power-assisted mountain bikes and comfortable town bikes.

Both systems are into the second and third generations now, with increases in power as well as functional and ergonomic improvements. The latest versions even offer on-board navigation systems.

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Electric bikes safer in London

Kalkhoff Integrale LTD
A good electric bike will carry you across London in safety and style. Photo source: Kalkhoff.

What makes electric bikes safer in London?

My experience of riding both electric bikes and pedal cycles, as well as conversations with other ebike riders, offers an answer: Yes, emphatically so. E-bikes are safer, faster and more fun. Continue reading “Electric bikes safer in London”

50cyles Jobs: Sales Superstars for our Electric Bike Showrooms

Position: Sales Superstars for Fast-Growing Electric Bike Leader
Salary: £16,000 basic + commissions, £24,000 OTE

We’re a leading player in the fastest-growing segment of the bicycle market. We have showrooms in four locations and there are now Sales vacancies in our Bristol, Loughborough and South West London branches. Continue reading “50cyles Jobs: Sales Superstars for our Electric Bike Showrooms”

New Interest-Free Electric Bike Finance & Calculator

The 50cycles website has evolved continuously throughout this year but one of the most important changes has been the upgrading of our interest-free electric bike finance options. Four great new things have happened. Continue reading “New Interest-Free Electric Bike Finance & Calculator”

7 Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike in London

Electric bikes are one of the best ways to travel around London’s busy streets, offering several advantages over other transport options. Continue reading “7 Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike in London”

Kalkhoff Sahel Comfort Electric Bike Reviews

Kalkhoff Sahel Comfort electric bike
With the most striking looks of any Kalkhoff electric bicycle, the Sahel Comfort has a level of style and equipment that is unique. It shares the latest 250W high assistance motor, Panasonic Lithium battery pack and Busch & Muller LED lights with several other models, but the Brooks aged leather saddle and handgrips, couple with excellent Magura hydraulic rim brakes, are reserved for the Sahel Comfort alone.

It’s now available to test ride at our new shop in Richmond, South West London and our premises in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Owners have commented on its reliability, good looks, pulling power and feeling of substantial quality. Along with the splendid Sahel Pro Disc, it’s one of our favourite models this year. It’s all very well us saying that, but here are three customers who picked this model over any other:
I rode the Trek (Bionx Trek FX+ electric bike) and generally found it a bit disappointing – it didn’t help as much as I had hoped on any incline (and I was trying it without James and his trailer).
I then tried several Kalkhoff bikes – they were all much better and I thought the heavier build suited my trailer needs better. In the end, I purchased a Kalkhoff Sahel Comfort.
It works brilliantly with James and his new trailer – the hub gears are something which I would have avoided but they are ideal for casual riding, especially when you are forced to stop unexpectedly with a heavy load. I had also planned to ride a Cytronex bike – the company were really helpful and helped me avoid a long, long drive to try out a bike which almost certainly would have been less suitable than the Kalkhoff.
Fergus, Lancashire
Has fully met my expectations. Had no problem and found the range good, although I don’t have a long commute and might not be the ideal person to judge. Has certainly kept a few disagreeable sweat pearls away. Lang lebe Kalkhoff!
Rolf, London
I selected the bike after considerable research and it has met all of my expectations. I’m delighted with it.
Michael, Buckinghamshire
This model originally went on sale for £2195 in the UK, but is now available at our Autumn sale price of for £1750, including VAT and UK delivery. It has already sold out in the very smallest frame size, but we still have a couple left with 50cm (medium) and 55cm (large) frames.