IZIP Via Mezza Enlightened electric folding bike

IZIP Via Mezza Enlightened electric folding bike 1
We’ve a long history of selling folding electric bikes here at 50cycles electric bikes. Back in 2003, we introduced the wonderful Honda Step Compo to customers outside Japan, quickly followed by Panasonic’s WiLL bike (the very first electric bike to be sold in the UK with a Lithium ion battery pack, way back in 2004!).

We sold hundreds of the eZee Quando between 2005 and 2007, but though it offered good hill-climbing performance, it was handicapped by being limited to a single gear and relatively heavy.

So we’re really, really pleased to be able to offer a very good folding electric bicycle once more. It has a high capacity 36V 9Ah Lithium ion battery, twist and go throttle control, 7 speed Shimano gears and an eye-catching alloy frame. It’s called the IZIP Via Mezza Enlightened electric folding bike, designed and manufactured by US-based electric bicycle specialist, Currie. We sold the first one within minutes of it arriving at our warehouse and our test riders all report that it’s the best electric folder we’ve ever had.

We’ve also taken on a couple of other IZIP bikes – the IZIP Via Rapido electric bike – a lightweight, Lithium battery powered, 7-speed Gents commuter bike and the IZIP Tri-Cruiser electric tricycle, a simple but highly effective electric three-wheeler. We’ve sold electric tricycles before, including the eZee Carro and the Agattu electric trike (which we like to call the Majestic Electric). The Tri-Cruiser is half the price of the eZee Carro and about one quarter the cost of the Agattu trike. Like we say, simple, effective and inexpensive.

This trio of new electric bikes marks a return by 50cycles to offering electric bicycles in the budget segment, as well as high-end electric bikes like our superb Kalkhoff range – the Pro Connect S high performance electric bike, the Pro Connect high-speed electric commuter bikes, the Tasman luxury electric bicycle and our best selling bike the Agattu all-round pedelec electric cycle.

The only problem with Kalkhoff bikes is that there is no folding electric bicycle option. So if you’re looking for an electric folding bike that’s fun to ride, reliable and capable, the IZIP Via Mezza Enlightened folding electric bicycle is definitely worth considering. Order your electric bike online or call us on 0844 800 5979(+44 203 355 8850 from outside the UK) today – we offer free delivery in the UK and good international shipping rates.

Spread the cost of ownership with 50cycles finance options

At 50cycles, we understand that none of our customers are the same. You each purchase different products, with different needs in mind and of course prefer to pay in different ways.Because of this, we’ve put together special finance deals that provide customers who prefer not to pay by credit or debit card with an easy and attractive alternative. Finance is the convenient way to get your hands on the electric bike and accessories you want today without breaking the bank! In short, our finance options give you the ability to spread the cost of the products you want now, over a time frame that suits your budget. Read on for more information, including specific examples and your questions answered.Please note that online finance is only an option and should you prefer to pay outright you can checkout in the normal way and pay in full by credit card or debit card.Which finance product is right for you? We currently offer two options (detailed in the table below), both of which are available on orders between £1,000 and £25,000.More information on our website: Electric bike finance options from 50cycles
12 months
Interest free credit
3 year finance
23.9% APR
Kalkhoff Pro Connect S high performance electric bike
2009 Pro Connect S £2,195
£150 deposit then
£170.42 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£77.70 per month
How to apply
Kalkhoff Pro Connect electric bike
2009 Pro Connect £1,795
£150 deposit then
£137.08 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£62.50 per month
How to apply
Kalkhoff Tasman pedelec electric bikes
2009 Tasman £1,695
£150 deposit then
£128.75 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£58.70 per month
How to apply
Kalkhoff Agattu Pedelec Electric Bike
2009 Agattu F £1,425
£150 deposit then
£106.25 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£48.44 per month
How to apply
Kalkhoff Agattu Pedelec Electric Bike
2009 Agattu C £1,395
£150 deposit then
£103.75 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£47.31 per month
How to apply
Kalkhoff Agattu Gents version
2008 Agattu £1295
£150 deposit then
£95.42 per month
How to apply
£150 deposit then
£43.51 per month
How to apply

Big e-Bike News from Panasonic & Sanyo

Big e-Bike News from Panasonic & Sanyo 2TOKYO, Japan – Panasonic Corp. is in the process of buying Sanyo Electric Co. This is reported today at the Tokyo Stock Exchange where investors scrambled to buy shares from both companies.A merger of the two companies would create not only Japan’s biggest consumer electronics maker by revenue, but also the world’s biggest specialized component maker for e-Bikes.Buying Sanyo would strengthen Panasonic’s battery business and give it a foothold in the fast-growing solar equipment market. Sanyo’s is the world’s top supplier of rechargeable batteries and ranks seventh in solar cells. Earlier this year Sanyo Electric Co introduced an e-Bike with regenerative braking into the Japanese market. Next to complete bikes Sanyo Electric Co also offers e-Bikes systems on an OEM basis, including hub motors.Panasonic Corp. through its subsidiary Panasonic Cycle Technology Co. also markets complete e-Bike systems on an OEM basis which include bracket motors. The company switched this year to lithium-ion batteries and boosted their battery capacity from up to 8 amperes per hour to 10amh. The high quality Panasonic systems are so popular that it was said at this year’s Eurobike Show that Panasonic was already sold out for the remainder of the year.The merger with Sanyo Electric Co. will provide Panasonic Cycle Technology Co. with extra production capacity for e-Bike systems. What is also sure if this merger will be realized, is that it will provide Panasonic with a much wider product range and with the extra production will create the biggest specialized component supplier for e-Bikes.

Latest news from 50cycles electric bikes

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50cycles Advanced Electric Bicycles - latest news and offers
Hello again from the 50cycles team, As well as a new look for our email bulletin we have several new products to announce this time around.
We’re also able to offer Next Day Delivery on most Kalkhoff models if ordered on a working weekday before 1:30pm. This applies to Kalkhoff Agattus in the 45, 49 (both step-thru only) and 53cm frame size (step-thru and gents model), as well as the 53cm Pro Connect. The Kalkhoff Agattu 53cm is still priced at £1250 (compared to £1325 for other sizes), but this will increase to the usual £1325 in the very near future…

Agattu electric tricycleAgattu Pedelec Tricycle

The Agattu pedelec is renowned as one of the very best electric bicycles ever made. Now a Norwegian company has gone one wheel better by modifying the Agattu for extra stability. A warning though – it’s not cheap! Agattu pedelec trike

Agattu XXL pedelec bicycleAgattu Pedelec XXL

A question we’re sometimes asked is ‘am I too heavy to use one of your bikes?’ The answer has arrived in the shape of the XXL version of the Agattu. It’s reinforced frame, wheels and forks will happily carry a riders who weigh up to 170kg (27 stone) Agattu XXL pedelec

Ego Electric Street ScootaEgo Electric Street Scoota

The Street Scoota has had a lot of coverage lately because it offers decent electric motorcycle performance at a good price. With a top speed of 30mph and a range of up to 40 miles, it’s another smart way to get around town without costing the Earth. Ego Electric Street Scoota

Univega Tandem CompanionUnivega Tandem Companion

The factory that produces all our Kalkhoff bicycles also manufactures the Univega brand. One of the models we’ve selected is the Tandem Companion – a 24-speed two-seater for less than £700. Univega Tandem Companion

Lloyd on a Pro Connect climbing Alpe d'HuezPro Connect in Europe

Extra Energy have released annual test results of all the leading models of electric bikes for a number of years now. This year has seen their most extensive test yet, with 28 models scrutinised over 9 months.
The Kalkhoff Pro Connect was awarded the highest ‘Very Good’ rating for its range, power and build quality. The Agattu also received a ‘Very Good’ and was cited as the best value bike among all those in the test. Full results published in English soon.In other European news, Lloyd (above) of 50cycles rode an off-the-shelf Pro Connect up the infamous 21 turns mountain section of the Alpe d’Huez Tour de France stage. This involved a climb of 1,150 metres over 13 kilometres, with many hairpin bends along the way, a route that is considered a real test for professional cyclists. The Pro Connect just ate it up with no stops, even with Lloyd’s 15 stone aboard! Read Lloyd’s own account of the ascent

US deliveries

USA flag - we now deliver electric bikes to the StatesWe can now deliver Kalkhoff electric bikes to customers in the USA and Canada. Call +44 844 800 5979 or order online – once you select your country of residence, our system will automatically deduct UK VAT (local sales tax of 17.5%) and add US shipping. We’ve already delivered our first few bikes to customers in Oregon and Texas.

There’s nothing we like better than a good customer testimonial

As more and more of our electric bikes are being delivered, we’re receiving some very positive reports from new owners. So we’ve published a selection on our website. If you’re a new owner, we’d love to hear from you and add you to the hall of fame.

Pro Connect in Richmond Park sunshineRichmond Park test rides

This summer you can hire electric bikes in Richmond Park for the first time. We’ve supplied a small fleet of Kalkhoff Agattus and Pro Connects to the cycle hire facility in Roehampton Gate car park It’s open every day, with free parking. And if you try a bike and decide to buy, we’ll deduct the cost of hiring from your bill. Richmond Park electric bicycle hire

Brochure download

Download 50cycles Kalkhoff electric bike brochure as an Adobe Acrobat PDF We’ve compiled specifications and reviews for our two main Kalkhoff electric bike models into a single document for you to download, print and read in the comfort of your favourite armchair. Download it here

Panasonic system

Panasonic Logo - ideas for lifeThe Panasonic system has turned out to be the most efficient, reliable and useful electric bike power system around. Read more about the thinking behind it and why it compares so well against other systems.
It’s like broadband for your bike

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New Kalkhoff Agattu Tricycle

New Kalkhoff Agattu Tricycle 3

We now have a tandem in our line-up so the next logical step had to be a three-wheeler. What you see here is a Kalkhoff Agattu modified to become an electrically assisted tricycle. The work has been carried out by a Norwegian company. We have to admit, the 3-wheeled Agattu does not come cheap at £2,995, but with attention to detail like brakes on all three wheels and differential gearing, it’s a good idea executed beautifully.

More details on our website Kalkhoff Agattu electric trike

Kalkhoff electric bike hire in Richmond Park

Kalkhoff electric bike hire in Richmond Park 4Richmond Park’s 2,000 acres includes some of the finest cycling in the UK. Miles of roads and dedicated tracks take in rolling woodland and open grassland dotted with pretty ponds. There are panoramic views across London, roaming herds of deer and several bustling cafés. It’s a cycling nirvana. All that and now – for the first time – our electric bicycles are available to hire there. We recently delivered a number of our best-selling models to Richmond Park Cycle Hire in Roehampton Gate car park [map]. They’re open every day and easily accessible on the eastern side of the park. You’ll find the subtle yet powerful electrical assistance offered by the Kalkhoff Agattu and Pro Connect is perfect for tackling the hilly stretches and seeing the whole park in one visit. They are so simple and satisfying to use that we encourage anyone who’s curious about electric bikes to ride one in these wonderful surroundings. Please take note of the following:

  1. If you hire a bike in Richmond Park and decide to order from us, we will deduct the cost of hiring from your bill
  2. Due to the limited number of bikes, pre-booking is absolutely essential
  3. A photo ID (e.g. driving licence, passport) is required
  4. Helmets are supplied.
To book, please complete the form on the 50cycles electric bikes website
or call 07922 237 700 between 9am and 5pm.

Tour de Presteigne 2008 electric bike rally report

We’re back from our third outing to the Tour de Presteigne event.

This year’s two-day event felt busier and better than ever. The exhibition was focused around a large geodesic dome in the town’s green and pleasant industrial estate while the race was held in the town centre with a twisting, turning course centred around Broad Street.

Last year’s event was marred by persistent rain which carried on for months afterwards, threatening to sink the whole country at one point. This year though conditions were near perfect for a cycle endurance rally, dry and cool.

Tour de Presteigne 2008 electric bike rally report 5

The starting grid: Lloyd (topless), Tom (black top), Dan (red top)

The format of the race stayed the same – the winner is whoever completes the most laps of the circuit in one hour. This years rally was split into two categories for the first time – modified (ie bikes with post-production performance enhancement such as derestriction, extra battery packs) and standard (ie bikes straight out of the factory as the manufacturer intended) – with perhaps the widest range of bikes yet and possibly the most riders. Certainly the most determined and Lycra clad.

We fielded four entrants this year, all riding our new Kalkhoff bikes.

Tom Gilfedder of 50cycles rode a Kalkhoff Pro Connect electric bike stripped down to its bare essentials, leaving little more than 17kg of prime German electric bicycle.

Lloyd Clarkson, also of 50cycles, started the race on Kalkhoff Agattu electric bike he had modified himself and named ‘Project X’, something he had been secretly working on in the company’s own Skunkworks for weeks.

Dan McIslay, an upcoming track cycling star, borrowed an Agattu for the event

Emma took to the streets of Presteigne on an extra-small Kalkhoff Pro Connect step-thru electric bike (finishing the race as the first female).

Peter Henshaw glided the top-spec Tasman around the course (probably one of the more comfortable ways to tour Presteigne, and at a sensible speed).

Also, a special mention for Dave Cockroft, who piloted his own Kalkhoff Agattu successfully around the course in a good time. Nice talking to you over the weekend Dave, keep up the good work!

Lloyd and Tom got off to a flying start, hitting and exceeding 30 mph on the first lap, even lapping the back markers before the end of the first lap. Lloyd’s rather revealing race costume helped stir some excitement from the crowd, as did the wheelies he was able to pull on the much-modified ‘Project X’ Agattu. Tom’s factory Pro Connect was neck-and-neck with Project X for the first half of the race, with other makes and models struggling to make an impression on the electrodynamic duo. However, this is when things started to get tricky…

While taking part in a little crowd interaction on a particularly tricky corner off Hereford Street, Lloyd lost a battle with a ‘safety’ bump and came off Project X at high speed, injuring his knee with spectacular effect. He also picked up a puncture shortly after. Despite this, Lloyd was able to continue (averaging around 20mph even with a flat rear tyre) finally completing the course on a standby Kalkhoff Agattu (the one we use for reviews and which many customers in the South East will have test-ridden recently).

Tour de Presteigne 2008 electric bike rally report 6Meanwhile, Tom (pictured left, with 15 mins to go – it’s lonely at the front) continued his cracking pace to lead the pack by a couple of laps at this point. However, he too sustained a puncture in his front tyre (a usually impregnable Schwalbe Marathon that was beaten by a dirty great tack). Fortunately we were able to swap out the quick release front wheel from another Pro Connect within a couple of minutes (the donor Pro Connect had started the race ridden by A to B’s David Henshaw before a last-minute mod using a gear sprocket swapped over from David’s Brompton caused the chain to give!)

Despite this serious, almost race-finishing delay, Tom apparently regained and then kept his lead until the hour was up, ending the rally with a racing finish.

Some confusion over timekeeping and whoTour de Presteigne 2008 electric bike rally report 7 was where on the final lap saw Tom Gilfedder gracefully concede the overall top spot to last year’s winner and one of our customers Ian Johnson on his modified eZee Torq (pictured right, with Tom, during discussions at the finishing line)

Happily, Tom still took first place in the standard category, winning a bottle of champagne and his place in Tour de Presteigne history.

After their flying starts and breathtaking pace throughout the first two thirds of the race, Lloyd and Tom would surely have taken the top two places had it not been for a pair of pesky rusty old tacks they picked up on the course.

Lloyd has vowed to fit absolutely puncture proof Specialized Armadillo tyres to next year’s incarnation of Project X. Special congratulations to Emma for finishing first among the female entrants this year.