Electric Mountain Bike Review

Electric Mountain Bike Review 1
Focus Thron 2.0 electric mountain bike at Devil’s Dyke near Brighton
We’ve always put electric bike reviews at the centre of our website. I remember the first review we ever received, from one of our Honda Step Compo owners, back in 2003. But this one is one of the best.

So that’s how 500 miles feels, in a little under 8 weeks I have covered this distance since taking delivery of my Focus electric mountain bike. Continue reading “Electric Mountain Bike Review”

Oxygen Emate City electric bike independent review

Oxygen Emate City electric bike independent review 2
Here’s an independent review of the new Oxygen Emate City electric bike by Dave Chilvers. This bike is now available to test ride and buy at our London electric bike store and our Loughborough headquarters.

Ok! First impressions straight out of the box. Quality is the word that springs to mind which, to be quite honest, is what I would have expected from a range of bikes that start at around £1200 and go up to £1450, and I wasn`t disappointed on that score. What was very apparent lifting the bike from the box was the weight (or lack of it).

On my electronic scales the bike weighs in at 20.5kg without the battery and 24kg with the battery in place, but for some reason it feels a lot lighter once assembled. The battery is the latest Lithium Polymer of 37V 13Amp and is very light as you can see by the weight figures.
I always run a bike when new or after service suspended from my bike workshop roof to test the running gear and found the free running of the wheels to be very good indeed considering the rear wheel has a Bafang hub built in. Gear changing was positive, quiet and smooth and the motor fired up first time with a quiet hum.
Just now and then something a little bit special pops up into your life and this bike is it. Hard to determine just what separates this bike from my others (that I love btw), but I think it`s the sheer positive steering and build quality that sets it apart from the run of the mill. Push bikes are like motorcycles and cars in as much as when the manufacturers get it right then it all falls in line, and so it is with the Oxygen E bike.
The power delivery from the pedal assist is just about right in my opinion, (not too powerful that it forces you along faster than you want to go, but powerful enough that your legs don`t ache). Need a bit more power to climb a hill or pull away from a junction? Then just switch over to twist throttle and that bit of extra power fills the gap.
For sure none of my other bikes free wheel as nice as this bike does, there just seems to be zero drag from the rear hub and pushing the bike along by hand without looking down you would be hard pressed to tell it from a good quality non electric bike.
The nearest bike I own to the Oxygen is my Evans MTB that I converted to an E bike six months ago and I just love it but for sure it does not have the finesse of the Oxygen.
As far as range goes, well I hesitate to run any E bike down to nothing for fear of being stranded out in the sticks where I live but, judging by the mileage I was getting without recharging, I would say that 50 to 60 miles should well be within the bike’s capability when used on pedelec, and remember the battery has not had the suggested three low discharges yet…
What amazed me about this bike in particular was the ability to be able to ride it as an out-and-out sports type bike and really push it along at a decent pace or pootle around the country lanes taking in the scenery during this fine spell of late June weather.
A note on the brakes: Rear V brake and Front Disk. I`m a bit touchy on brakes, they either throw you over the handle bars or you need to put a foot out to stop yourself but what I like about the choice on the E mate is just how progressive they are with plenty of stopping power should you need it but silky smooth gradual normal braking. I like them.
I have no connection whatsoever to Oxygen bikes and gain nothing financially from this article, just wanting to spread the word to fellow users of a decent product.
Dave Chilvers – this article is also available on Dave’s own website

One of the most satisfying and rewarding purchases I have ever made

Here’s a recent testimonials for a happy Kalkhoff Agattu customer

I can sincerely say that this bike is one of the most satisfying and rewarding purchases I have ever made.I,ve had it for about a year and have covered many hundreds of miles.In the summer I completed the Sustrans cycle route from Cardiff to Holyhead a distance of 250 miles in 5 days over the wonderful hills of Brecon and Snowdonia. A couple of weeks ago I cycled the CtoC from Whitehaven to Newcastle through the Lake District and over the Pennines, approx 140 miles in sun, rain and snow.The Agattu never let me down and for an over-60 guy with 2 replacement hips and a replacement knee it has given me a freedom that is difficult to put into words. Thanks Kalkhoff. Barry from Surrey.

Pro Connect and Street Scoota on telly

Pro Connect and Street Scoota on telly 3The UK’s finest gadget magazine, Stuff, asked to review one of our Pro Connect electric bikes for their latest video podcast on green transport options. Little did we know they were also reviewing ournew Ego Electric Street Scoota. There are also reports on a new Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Nissan X-Trail, apparently worth half a million quid, and news on green developments at the International Motor Show in London’s docklands. Check it out

Stuff.tv EcPublish Posto Transport report (7 mins 35 seconds – may only work in Internet Explorer)

The reviews were filmed not far from our pool of Kalkhoff pedelec demonstrators, just across the Thames in Richmond Park. I took the bike shown here around the park a couple of times over the weekend – as a place to try out an electric bike, it takes some beating, especially in warm weather. Bikes are available to hire 7 days a week and we will refund the cost of hiring when you order one of our bikes.