What the Best Electric Bike Brands have in Common

50cycles carefully selects the electric bike brands for our customers. We only sell the best e-bikes and there are a few things our brands have in common.

The Best Electric Bike Brands have these characteristics

The Best Electric Bike Brands

  • Established bicycle manufacturer with decades in the business
    You need to know how to make an excellent bicycle before you can make an excellent e-bike
  • Tried and tested motor and battery technology
    Bosch, Brose & Shimano are e-bike motor manufacturers who have earned our trust and respect over the years.
  • Most likely European in origin
    Our current range of electric bikes are made in Germany (Cube & Riese & Müller) or Northern Spain (BH from the Basque region)
  • Superior build quality
    High-quality alloy, nice welding, brand name components, thoughtful design and construction – those are the factors that set apart an excellent e-bike brand from an also-ran.
  • Superior after-sales support
    Once you own an electric bike you’ll use it more often and over greater distances than you would a pedal cycle. So there’ll be more wear and tear and, now and then, something may need repairing or replacing.That’s why we choose brands that are quick off the mark in supplying spare parts and maintenance advice. That make our job of providing the best customer service in the industry much easier

Electric Bike Brands we avoid have these things in common

If we’re not selling a particular brand, it’s probably because they fall into one of these categories:

  • Here today, gone tomorrow brands
    The electric bike market used to be driven by the arrival of containerloads of machines from the Far East. The business model was truly pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap and move on. There have been many, many e-bike brands that were everywhere for a few months, maybe a year tops, then disappeared without leaving even a contact number.Where are they now? Gathering cobwebs in sheds and their owners occasionally contact us to see if we can fix it for them. We do our best but without spares or technical manuals, it’s often impossible.
  • Great bikes, poor support
    We choose suppliers that keep a stock of spare parts and are quick to deliver. It’s no good having the world’s best e-bike if it can be hobbled by a component failure for weeks or months on end.
  • Poor value for money
    As we’ve discussed in another article about choosing the right electric bike for you, price is an important consideration. Certain brands seem to sell at an unjustifiable premium while others are very reasonably priced. We definitely lean towards the value for money side of things.So if you’re spending thousands of pounds on a bike, our brands guarantee that’s money well-spent on more than the brand name stamped on the frame.

So the brands we’ve settled on after sixteen years in the electric bike business are


BH AtomX Cross Pro Electric Bike
BH AtomX Cross Pro

BH has been manufacturing bicycles since 1909 at their base in Vittoria in the Basque Region of Northern Spain. Their electric bikes have been popular over the past decade both in Europe but also, unusually, in the USA too. They have an uncompromising approach to quality and performance.

Our BH range includes some of the most power e-bikes we’ve ever seen and some lightweight, precision-engineered mountain bikes that are probably the best around, certainly the equal of similar models from the likes of Specialized, but at a fraction of the price.

See the full BH electric bike range



Cube is a renowned German bicycle brand based in deepest Bavaria. They manufacture thousands of high-quality pedal cycles as well as electrics and are known for their value and good looks. A great option for city, touring and mountain bikers.

See our Cube electric bike range

Riese & Müller


Rightfully known as one of the leading premium e-bike brands, R&M are based outside Frankfurt. They specialise in high-specification touring, city, mountain and cargo bikes with great options like anti-lock brakes, high-speed pedelecs, dual batteries and full suspension.

The perfect brand if you’re looking for a very special electric bike that will go the distance and get there fast.

See our Riese & Müller electric bike range

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