Kalkhoff Pro Connect electric bikeNews of more awards for the Kalkhoff range of electric bikes reached us this afternoon.ExtraEnergy - the non-profit organisation which supports the development of personal electric transport and runs annual reviews of electric bicycles - have just awarded the prizes for the best Pedelecs at the Tai Pei cycling show. The Kalkhoff Pro Connect picked up the award for best bike in the 'Easy Pedelec' category, while the Agattu XXL picked up the trophy in the 'Touring Pedelec' category.The Pro Connect was named as 'the best daily companion' by the judges, who underlined the balanced handling, high-end specification and finely-adjusted motor performance, which they concluded would guarantee mobility in everyday life.ExtraEnergy also named the Kalkhoff Agattu XXL as the best 'Tour-Pedelec' because of its comfortable handling, the ergonomically optimised seating position and the fact that long distances wouldn’t be a problem. Its robust construction, suitable for even heavier riders, was also recognised as a sign of the promise of this high quality bike.Matthias Seidler, CEO of Derby Cycle, the manufactuer of the Kalkhoff bikes, said after the ceremony “For us, the award is a confirmation of our good work. We are especially happy to be awarded for our road capability as well as for our qualities in touring. That’s backing for our concept of creating the perfect bike for everyone.”Kalkhoff Agattu XXL electric bikeThe Kalkhoff Agattu XXL has also received the highest marks from ADAC, the German automobile association, in their latest edition of ADAC Motorwelt magazine. The renowned institution, with over 16 million members, called it a "powerful comfort bike”. In the field of ten bikes tested, Agattu XXL reached the top grade (1,3) for easy handling as well as upright seating position an comfortable driving. The reviewers also praised its "medium weight, comfortable city and tours Pedelec with sturdy frame and excellent running properties, suitable for high load capacity, easy-to-use, relatively spontaneously engaging drive, good facilities, good acting hydraulic brakes, good ride comfort thanks to fork and seat post suspension. Simple battery handling, good manual with valuable tips. On the whole, good value for money."