Trade in Electric Bike for a New 2019 BH E-Bike

50cycles Trade In Electric Bikes

We’ve had a huge increase in enquiries about electric bike trade-in lately

Many of you own bikes that work but are showing their age. You still want to cycle, but more range, power or riding something a little different appeals.

So it’s time to announce that yes, we do now accept trade-ins and can offer part exchange deals when buying a new model from 50cycles (we’ve even created this new web page to get things moving)

Why the change?

We recently contacted several thousand Kalkhoff owners about replacing their bike’s battery. Two things struck us about the response.

First, it’s great to see how many of those ten and eleven-year-old bikes are still working!

Some of them have racked up many thousands of miles of daily use and are probably good for thousands more (after a little TLC).

Second, many owners wanted to hear about what new models we had

They were curious how far electric bikes had come in the past decade. And also curious about whether or not we might take their old Kalkhoff back in part exchange?

So, if you bought an electric bike from us at any time, we would like to hear from you.

eligible for electric bike trade in
Honda Step Compo folding electric bike from 2003

All those Honda Step Compos, Panasonic WiLL bikes, eZee Sprints, Quandos, Fortes and Forzas;

All those Oxygen Emates, Green Zebras and electric tricycles;

All those Kalkhoff Agattus, Pro Connects, Tasman, Integrales, Includes, Sahels and Endeavours;

Even those Cubes, Riese & Müllers, Scotts and other brands from the past couple of years…

We will part-exchange any of them for a brand new 2019 electric bike from our range

If it’s good working condition and ready to ride, that’s great.

If it’s taking up room in a garage or shed, and you’re not sure what state it’s in, drop us a line!

If it’s truly only good for scrap, we’ll consider that too. It may be recoverable or have parts value.

The first step is quick & easy

Click this link and complete the short form. We’ll then contact you as soon as possible with a recommendation and quotation.

We have already taken several bikes in part exchange over the past couple of weeks and some will be listed for sale soon, so it’s worth keeping an eye on our Used Bikes section for secondhand bargains.

50cycles is in a unique position to do this

We have thousands of customers who own reliable, durable electric bikes. We’re able to source replacement batteries and other parts if necessary.

We also have one of the world’s most experienced workshop teams – when it comes to electric bikes, they’ve worked on everything and seen it all.

Whether your existing bike is an old hub drive and throttle model (like an eZee Sprint), an older Kalkhoff with a tired battery, a newer Kalkhoff with a dodgy motor, or even an electric bike produced by another manufacturer, we’ll supply a part-exchange quotation.

If you can bring your old bike to our headquarters or into one of our showrooms that’s great. We can also offer a collection service when we deliver your new bike.

Some bikes will be repaired and serviced before going back on sale. Some will be beyond repair and used for parts. Others we may donate to local cycling charities. It really depends on what comes back from our customers.

We’re confident we can make use of your bike (or its bits and bobs), so it’s well worth getting in contact, whatever you have.

Trade in electric bike at 50cycles

If you’re interested in seeing what your bike is worth and what you could replace it with, fill out our trade-in enquiry form and we’ll set the wheels in motion!

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