What’s it like to ride an electric bike?

What's it like to ride an electric bike? 1If you’re curious about riding an e-bike, you’re probably wondering what the experience is like. What’s it like to ride an electric bike? How does it differ from riding a pedal cycle, walking, or even driving? How does it feel?

winora yakun e-bike
Winora Yakun from 50cycles

I had to dash to the post office and shops about a mile away and my electric bike, a Winora Yakun kitted out with Bikezac detachable bag, made it an absolute breeze. It was there and back in under fifteen minutes and enjoyed it so much, out in the solstice sunshine with a cool breeze at my back, that I felt inspired to write.

The overriding feeling is freedom, with a side helping of exhilaration. It’s the freedom to glide along roads, cycleways and trails without regard for hills, headwinds or tired legs. You could be loaded up with a week’s shopping or carrying a child, the feeling is the same.

This freedom very quickly brings joy, within seconds of the first turn of the pedals and the push of the motor, like a helping hand when you were learning to ride years ago. It’s the joy of travelling in such a smart, convenient, enjoyable fashion while cheating physics but in a considerate, sustainable way.

Exmoor Cycle Route
Photo Credit: Exmoor National Park.

How an electric bike works

You’re a few hundred yards into your first ride and you see the road rising ahead as a hill approaches. You’re moving at a fair clip, about 16mph, and not in the least bit out of breath. Your attention is on what’s ahead but you’re also taking in the sights and sounds. You see a horse in its field turning to watch you pass as it munches hay. Little squads of birds are flying alongside, tweeting with excitement. You feel the coolness when you ride through the shade of trees that form a tunnel of branches along the road. And then you change down a gear, maybe two, to ease your progress up the hill.

You first feel and then hear your bike’s motor react as it senses the change in effort, speeding you up the hill to its crest. The motor’s job done, it then steps quietly out of the way as you freewheel down the other side, as fast as any other cyclist dare.

When an electric bike really makes a difference

Riding a pedal cycle through rolling terrain is very different. Yes, freewheeling downhill is just as much fun, but the ascents can take it out of you, turning a simple cycle ride into a series of battles with your body. In a city or town centre, it’s even worse. You’re continually stopping and starting at junctions or crossings and pedalling your bike up to speed, only to come to a halt within yards, is exhausting.

But not on an electric bike. Moving from a standing start is actually fun, you’ll smile as your surge ahead of other cyclists and motorists, perhaps making it through the next green light without stopping.

Even the dreaded standing start at the bottom of a hill which defeats many cyclists is a doddle. Get in the right gear, select a higher assistance mode and your e-bike will carry you up no problem. It all makes so much sense. You have some of the benefits of a car or motorcycle but without the hassle, fumes, expense but with added exhilaration, exercise and convenience.

Test ride an electric bike at 50cycles

What's it like to ride an electric bike? 2You really need to try an electric bike to understand the benefits. Even a short test ride will tell you a great deal about how it transforms cycling and getting about in general. We offer free, no obligation to buy test rides at all of our e-bike showrooms.

We’ve bikes from brands like Cube, Kalkhoff, Beatbike, Giant, Haibike and more, with a range of motors and frame styles to choose from. Simply call in, choose a bike you look the like of and we’ll let you take it for a spin.

What’s it like to ride an electric bike? Absolutely brilliant, every time.

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