In my last post I talked about how electric bikes have the power make more of every day. You'll go further, faster with more enjoyment along the way. But which of our e-bikes goes furthest?

But if there's one fly in the electric bike ointment, its the prospect of running out of power!

Whether you call it range anxiety, battery collywobbles or (if you're German) Akkureichweiteangst, it's a worry that can make riding less of a joy.

To be fair, this isn't the problem it was a decade ago. Back then, most of our bikes came with 260Wh battery packs. We frequently had to help customers who felt they weren't getting quite enough miles between charges. Carrying a spare was not uncommon.

Since then, battery capacities have more than doubled. Few of our bikes come with less than 500Wh battery capacity. A couple even boast 612Wh battery packs as standard and these can give you assistance for up 100 miles in some conditions.

No surprise then that one of these 612Wh bikes has turned out to be our best-seller, two years running.

On this bike you'll be comfortable cycling 30 or 40 miles in an afternoon and still have power left over to do the same the next day!

Its adjustable handlebars, generous handgrips and well-padded saddle make it perfectly comfortable. The upright riding position looks after your back and takes the weight off your wrists.

It has mudguards that work well and never rattle. Its lights throw a strong beam ahead and keep you visible at night. It runs on Schwalbe puncture-resistant tyres and comes fitted with a sturdy luggage rack, proper kickstand and effective chainguard.

The 7-speed Shimano hub means changing gear is super simple, even for novices and even at a complete a standstill (this is a BIG advantage over the derailleur type).

Its illuminated handlebar display tells you your speed, battery level and trip distance at a glance.

It's nothing less than the complete e-bike package, either as a first electric bike or a replacement for an old clunker.

All these reasons made this German-made premium E-bike the first choice for hundreds of customers this year and last.

Which bike are we talking about? The 2018 Beat Bike i7

Who's been buying this bike? It's been most popular with couples looking to go out on rides together, or to extend their range when travelling with a motorhome.

Please read all about the terrific Beat Bike i7 here and don't miss owner reviews like this one from Carol:

"I wish I had bought one years ago."
This is a great bike - beautifully built. Comes complete - packaging amazing and only had to put on the pedals. It's heavy but you don't feel that because of the pedal assist and that is essential for managing the hills in the south Pennines. It manages the steepest of hills without having to get off and walk but also gives you the exercise benefits of cycling. I wish I had bought one years ago.

Beat Bike i7 is EXCLUSIVE to 50cycles