Bristol Electric Bikes Showroom

Our Bristol showroom closed on 29th June 2018 due to unsustainable rent rises. We hope to open again in the South West in future.

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Our Bristol Showroom was awarded the title of Best Specialist Retailer following a mystery shopper visit last month. 

"Parking is brilliant, either in the shop's yard behind the store, or there is an NCP just the other side of the road.

The two chaps working on the day were brilliant, taking time to understand my concerns and recommending a bike that would be most suitable for my needs (sitting position). The engineer took the time to speak with my wife whilst I was on a test drive to keep her occupied, which was appreciated.

I decided on the purchase, fortunately there was an ex-demo I could take away on the day (after safety checks). Overall, this was a 5 star treatment, again, they really took time to listen to me an made the perfect recommendations, I will definitely be back. The bike is ace too!"
Matthew Robertson, April 2016

We also wanted to share some lovely comments sent to us shortly after we announced our Bristol showroom.

Carol, one of Kalkhoff ebike owners, said:

"The bike is just wonderful! I am so in love with it. Buying it is the best thing I've done in years. I've done over 100 miles on it in the first week. It's so zippy; I just get around so quickly. It's such a treat, making light of the hills and longer distances. I do love ordinary cycling too, but sometimes you just want to get there quicker and easier.

"I joined the ride from Bristol to Clevedon last weekend, to the Clevedon Bike Festival, 40 miles return. I was really astonished to find that this great distance only used about a third of the battery. This means that cycle touring is seriously possible with the Kalkhoff. I will be heading off later in the summer with bivvy bag. I'm just deciding where..."

"I'm looking forward to the 50cycles shop opening. You have a good location just off the James Barton roundabout. It wasn't easy to find at first (you should market it as being "just across from the Bear Pit - follow the gaze of the Bear"). Everyone knows the Bear, but not everyone knows Bond Street. Jesse has been very helpful and I am going back for various adjustments soon."

"If you want me to write a recommendation for the bike, or the shop, or the company, let me know. Or if anyone in Bristol wants to talk with someone who's bought that bike, do put them in touch. Anyway, I love it! Thanks for the inspiration that day."